Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bloggy love

Yesterday we had one of regular Whangarei Bloggers get together.

I missed the last one sadly, as I was ill, but wasn't going to miss yesterdays!

I always come away from our get togethers feeling like my love tank has been filled.

These girls are incredible. They are accepting, understanding and such a blessing in my life.
They may be new friends, found through our love of blogging, but they are fast and firm IRL (in real life) friends now.

Not many pictures were snapped because we are getting down to the business of just being IRL friends now ... hehe.

talking crochet....
enjoying the little ones....

 so thank you my beautiful bloggy friends... you each bring such a special quality to our get togethers.. I feel truly blessed.

and just an aside... I sign in through Blogger in Draft and Im getting to experience the new Blogger first I was a bit freaked out - but now Im loving it!!


Cat said...

so awesome
slightly jealous....but in a really healthy kind of way!

love and light

PaisleyJade said...

Love the pics and missed being there. Can't wait to see the new blogger dashboard!

Neetz said...

Hey you ;) Hopefully this comment will come through! summed up our "meet ups" totally right here. Like I said, we're all comfy as old undies ;) heehee. And its always so refreshing to catch up with you bloggy sis's! I love how we get together and there's always like at least 4 different convos going on and we jump in and out of each one ...heehee. like juggling plates. Im so useless forgetting my camera! (hugs)