Friday, June 10, 2011

Vlog on my Blog

The lovely Gail over at Delightfully Divaish has started a very cool Vlog Linky

I was certain I was not going to join in....but here I am on a rainy day procrastinating about doing housework...sooo... after about 100 takes... here's my first Vlog.... (cringe!!!)


Simoney said...

hehehehe LOVED your vlog!!
You look GORG and the "soft focus" is very sneaky!!!!

PS your voice sounds NICE and you made me laugh when you said that about the rain tomorrow LOL!
Our soccer is already cancelled so I'll bet yours will be too.

Have a fab cosy snuggly weekend :)

PaisleyJade said...

YAY!! You look so beautiful (wish I'd thought to put some lippy on). Loving your vlog - and I think your voice is lovely.

Meghan at MNM's said...

Oooooh so lovely to put a voice to the lovely Leonie. I have LOVED these vlogs - I have a special one prepared for early next week to celebrate a bloggy milestone so watch out for that.

P.S. You sounded so natural, I'm so impressed! :-)

Rebecca said...

Lookn lovely!! Great vlog!! I'm lovin them too :)

CHD said...

Love your Vlog, and the others I've seen. It is nice to put a face and now voice to bog people. Not brave enough to do my own. Hope you get better weekend weather than it looks like we will. Cx

Neetz said...

Yayyyy I see you in real life...but now I get to see you in Vlog life too.. yippee!! ((blessed!)) :)

I, like hoping its pouring with rain tomorrow so I don't have to go to soccer..heeheee..

((hugs)) see ya soon (IRL) ;)
Neetz x

Gail said...

Hey Leonie - wow you did well! It's all about stepping out of our comfort zones and you did it cool, calm and totally collected.
I think I'll add lippy too next time! :)xx

Widge said...

SO COOL to hear and see you talk! You look fantastic! the glam award is yours :)

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Love hearing your voice. Great Vlog!!!!

weza said...

How great are you looking!!! I loved this vlog. I really did. So tell me, was sport cancelled. LOL

Tracy said...

I agree it is wonderful to hear people's gives a better perspective on the person..a 3D effect.
I just wanted to know how to vlog?
Got any tips?