Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Incredibles

I'm a couple of days early, but need to focus on the Things Im loving....and all credit this week goes to my INCREDIBLE children.

These guys are what keep me going. They are amazing.  They are resilient. They are adaptable. They are smart, funny and gorgeous.
Yesterday we had parent teacher interviews and it is humbling to hear from three different teachers how incredible each of our children are.
I have made these photo/loving pages for them...which I plan to print off and frame for them to keep.

My eldest, Miss K, is about to turn 10 years old - Yikes!!!
We hear time and time again from so many people what an amazing child she is.  She is compassionate, loving, with a wicked sense of humour.
Miss K has lived in 10 different houses since she was born, and been to 5 different schools. She is amazingly adaptable and resilient. She quickly carves out her little niche and quickly makes the most beautiful friends (which is testament to her beautiful personality). She is wonderful friend.
She has the most amazing creative streak. She paints, knits, sews, draws... anything she can get her hands on. She makes cards and gifts for other people..constantly!
Her teacher's always comment about her bubbly personality and her genuine concern for others. It is so wonderful to hear that about your child.

My son, Mr B, is sandwiched between two strong willed girls.  He is one of the nicest kids you could meet. He is charming, well mannered and kind. He still lets his Mum hug and kiss him goodbye and is fond of having a cuddle on the couch while watching tv.  He is a very Loving boy. He is also very compassionate, like his older sister, and has prayed tirelessly for the people of Christchurch during this rough year.
His teachers for the past three years have all LOVED his beautiful gentle nature, his caring and respect for others. And BRIGHT, he is super bright.  He is currently reading at twice chronological age... yikes!!! and with 97% accuracy, it means he's probably reading higher again, but he's too young to comprehend all that he can read. He constantly gets awards at school and at soccer, time and again for his great attitude and caring for others.  What lovely things to hear about your child!!

Miss E, our youngest is also incredible. Her teacher wants to clone her. She said, if only all the children she teaches could be like Miss E.  Our Miss E, will always be our baby, but she is 5 now and is growing and changing so fast. She has the most incredible sense of humour, Hilarious!!!  She is also a generally very happy child and makes friends easily.  She loves her family very much and adores her older siblings. Miss E is also very bright and has taken to school like a duck to water. She is reading fluently and working on year 2 maths after less than two terms of school.  She is a very stoic and brave little girl. We love her to bits.

I know I am skiting about my amazing kids, but they really are incredible. They are currenly living in a different country to their Dad, they have to live with their Mum who struggles everyday with depression. They, like all kids, have their moments...but all in all, we feel incredibly lucky to have such AWESOME kids.  It makes my heart swell with pride to hear such lovely things about them.

Today, I am one proud and grateful Mum.



jacksta said...

well done Leonie and daddy

PaisleyJade said...

This is so precious - love the lists!!

Widge said...

Skite away!! Wow they sound awesome! Good work you :)

Neetz said... the pics... love the kids... love the qualities!!

You bask in that "proud mummy" glory girlfriend!!
((I have been too...heeheee ;) ))

You're doing a great job!

Love loads xxxx
Me...Neetz (in case it calls me anon again today!!)

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

This is beautiful.............I love parents who show public pride and love for their kids. Well done all of you x

Simoney said...

Your kids really ARE lovely - its lovely to hear you boast about them; and how wonderful to get such glowing reports from their teachers!

Helen said...

What beautiful children you have...inside and out. :)

Cat said...

this is wonderful Leonie
I think we should do this more about those we love
a mamma should be able to shout out how wonderful her children are
it is a great gift to all who hear!!!!
Love that you are going to print these out for them♥

love and light

Remaliah said...

What a wonderful post, Leonie! And what amazing children! You have every right to be very proud of them, and of yourselves :)

Lyndel said...

oh Leonie, that's a lovely post, so refreshing to read .. I'm proud of my boy too.. don't tell him that often enough (oh he is 44yrs old!)♥

Elizabeth said...

Wow - what amazing kids you have! What a tribute to you and hubby as well...

Melissa said...

Love the post! What great kids you have. They are a reflection of you and your husband. You should be proud of yourselves!

Meghan at MNM's said...

What a beautiful collection of things to love - and you are right these ARE incredible kids. Credit to mummy and daddy who have a played a big role in shaping their life paths so far. I love these pages - what a great idea!