Thursday, July 7, 2011

Loaf: Review

We were very lucky to recently review some yummy Gluten Free loaves from Loaf.

Loaf is the brainchild of celebrity chef Sean Armstrong. His vision of producing high quality artisan breads and baked goods led to the opening of Loaf bakery in 2004.

As the executive chef and owner of Prime Bistro, one of Auckland’s leading restaurants, Sean became increasingly frustrated with the city’s lacklustre bread offering. Despite extensive trial and investigation, he could not find a consistent supply of quality baked goods. His conclusion - that there was a distinct gap in the market - provided Sean with a new and exciting opportunity.
Loaf has now risen to supply thousands of loaves and specialty cakes every week to restaurants, food stores and cafés across the nation.

The taste test: 
We started off with an afternoon tea of Spicy Carrot Loaf.

YUM!! Moist, full of flavour with just the right amount of spices. Like much missed Carrot cake. This loaf tasted so good and didn't have any of the funny after taste that gluten free foods often do.  Lucky I had Mum to share it with because it was very moorish!

Next up was the Banana and Walnut Loaf.
Another tasty loaf. Again, difficult to tell it was gluten free. Full of flavour. Perfect for a yummy morning tea with a cup of tea.

We also got to try a Seeded Bread Loaf.
I really enjoyed the nutty taste of this bread. The seeds made it tasty and full of flavour and toasted it was divine!!! I am very fussy about gluten free bread but this one was great.

I would definitely buy these gluten free loaves....and you can too!!!

Look for them at New World supermarkets in Auckland and Wellington and Nosh Food Market in Hamilton.

 Use your Loaf and visit your nearest stockist and recipe ideas.


Lady Muck said...

mmmmm... I recently detoxed and was wheat and gluten free for 21 days - the bread that I ate during that time was pretty average, but these look amazing! I will tell my sis about it - she is in NZ and is coeliac :)

Dee said...

I love their gingerbread loaf, it's the best...mmm... :) xx

Elizabeth said...

Oh - good to know, hubby is gluten-free and misses his bread but HATES most GF breads he has tried!

Gail said...

Also good to know for peeps like me when I have to entertain gluten free friends!!

The Carrot one sounds yummo!