Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogging babes unite!

They came in car loads, toting their cameras, with nervous smiles... to the Big Bloggy get together of 2011. Kiwi Mummy Bloggers together in one place.

Online friends soon to become IRL (In Real Life) friends.

Jaz from Treacy's Travels, me and Meghan from MNM's

Lyns from Once Upon a Time and Meg from Growing Up

Andie from Red Strawberries

Monica from Delissimon with me

Lisa from All In A Daze

Cat from Catalina's Cottage with Me
Tracy from Inside the Scrap Heap and Greta from Babble and Snaps

Sammy from Cherished with Meg

Meghan with Penny from My Spirited Baby

Kristy from Paisley Jade and Simone from Greatfun4kids

Jackie from Jacksta-B

Rachel from Luv That Bum

No one can underestimate the power of a blogging friendship. As Simone has said before, if you like their blog you will like them in real life too.

Me and the beautiful Simone from Greatfun4kids

A very dear bloggy irl friend, Tracy from Inside the Scrap Heap

The venue was perfect, a beautiful restaurant, The Mediterranean, on the North Shore of Auckland with devoted staff and spectacular food.

The ice breaker was a task, to make a name tag for another blogger. They were awesome to see. So unique and made for each individual. A treasure to keep.

Unfortunately I haven't got a photo of a couple of the name tags...

The cameras came out and there was lots of giggling, snapping, talking and fun.

Simone demonstrating how to take the perfect self portrait

Eventually food was ordered and oohed and aahed over....

The well behaved children were given undivided attention from the restaurant staff, another plus for a fantastic restaurant.

It was a FANTASTIC DAY ... make sure you head over the other girls blogs for their take on it.
(that must be the highest number of photos to ever appear in one post with me in!!)

EDITED TO ADD... How could I forget our group photo!!


PaisleyJade said...

Oh I just loved it!! Fabulous day Leonie!! I will try to make a linky we can all add to the bottom of our posts. xoxo

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Well done Leonie! You are truly incredible to organise all this and blog about it so soon! What's more you have done all this whilst missing your dear hubbie :( I am in awe and really feel for you in everything you've had to cope with these past months. You will soon be united as a family and be all the stronger, with incredible friends IRL & online on both sides of the ditch! xx take care x

meg said...

Yes thanks Leonie it was really fun to meet everyone, chat and eat that yummy food. x

Gail said...

Well done Leonie. Love the smiling photos. What a great way to see yourself off across the ditch again. I'm sorry I will miss seeing you again for a wee while!!xx

Sima J said...

Wow looks so so much fun (and YUMM food too!!) - wish I could've been there :-) xo

Sammy said...

Thank you so much for organising this, we all had such a good time!
You are one special girl!!!

TracyP said...

such a FANTASTIC time!!! Thanks Leonie!!! xxx
ps best get onto writing my post!

Katie said...

Looks like you all had a lovely time. I LOVE the name tag idea :-)

Sue said...

What a great get-together and every one of those bloggers look absolutely gorgeous...not one axe murderer or internet weirdo amongst them.

jacksta said...

thanks leonie for all the behind the scenes hard work.

Angela Noelle of SK said...

Oh, Leonie, you've answered my prayer by linking to everyone who went to your get-together in the farawaylands! :P I love seeing you all smiling and hangin'. Good job! :)

Hootnz said...

What a great idea, wish I was in that neck of woods that weekend... it would have been lovely to meet yourself and the other ladies :)

Rachel Kate said...

So sorry, somehow I managed to put my link on twice haha blonde moment. Thanks so much for organising! Legend xo

Cat said...

SO COOL!!!!!

love and light