Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Road Trip Part 3 : Rainbow Springs

As a part of our 'famil' to Rotorua, we were lucky to visit Rainbow Springs and go on a Kiwi Encounter.

This was particularly exciting and relevant for my daughter who had been studying Kiwi's earlier this year at school.

We started off with visiting some of the trout pools, and feeding some of the trout in the 'injured fish' pool
and feeding some cute little (persistent) ducks

The grounds at Rainbow Springs are gorgeous, the only thing that let us down was the weather, it was very wet and cold.

then it was off to find the Kiwi Encounter

my crazy girl who loves the camera
It was a great place to visit with lots of information about kiwi and conservation of our national bird. The Kiwi Encounter was very informative and gave a 'behind the scenes' look at breeding and taking care of these amazing birds.
We were so lucky to see two baby kiwis who were only a few weeks old and then two larger kiwis, one who is 30 years old.
Of course there is no photography of the birds so I took this photo of a stuffed one....
Unless you are special like us and you get to hold them....

(just to clarify, we didnt actually hold them! they are superimposed on our photo, as are those birds!... lol)

Well worth a visit if you are in Rotorua.

Come back tomorrow to hear about the scariest part of our Road trip adventure!!!


TracyP said...

hehehe unless you are special and get to hold them!!! You had me fooled for about 2 secs lol!!! Great adventures!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh thanks for clarification on the true size of a Kiwi, that mega one is menacing!! Love Posie

Lyndel said...

oh what a wonderful trip you are both having.