Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Trip - Part One

Last month my eldest daughter and I headed off on our very own special road trip, to celebrate her upcoming 10th birthday and because we were fortunate enough to be given the opporunity of a 'famil' in Rotorua.
Because of this I splitting up the posting into a few posts... to give credit where its due for the fab experiences we had.

Early Friday morning we hit the road, blasting Adele, Third Day and Brooke Fraser on the car stereo.

We stopped at Albany shopping centre for a little bit of a spend up, its very important to buy new clothes, shoes etc. when you are turning 10 years old! Oh and we mustn't forget a spend up at Smiggle!

And then we made an essential stop at these giant mushrooms on Mt Victoria in Devonport...

I just love my daughters style and cheeky personality!

What is hard to tell from these photo's is that it was FREEZING cold on the top of Mt Victoria with driving rain and wind that was chilling us to the bone!!!

We then headed on to Hamilton for a visit with friends and an overnight stay with Miss Ks grandparents (my inlaws)

Part 2 tomorrow.... the beautiful resort we stayed in !!!


TracyP said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those Mushroom photos!! It's like she purposely dressed just for the pics (did she??) hehehe can't wait to hear more about your amazing weekend away!!

PaisleyJade said...

Totally loving the tights and mushrooms!

Cat said...

gorgeous photos! loving her outfit