Friday, August 26, 2011

Things Im Loving

This week I am loving...

Dancing and playing with my kids on the beach to clear the cobwebs on a Friday afternoon .... beautiful sunshine, beautiful beach, beautiful kids (Im totally biased!)
Loving letting the kids have a go with my camera ... all too often I avoid being in photos, but trying to change that.
Loving this boy.... he's such a sweet kid.

Loving going on class trips with my littlest.... phew what a LONG day for little ones (and their parents!)
Loving spending some time with Cat at Warkworth, drinking tea, op shopping, wool shopping... sweet!
Loving remembering my Poppa who's 9th anniversary is today, on Daffodil Day.
 Mum and I visited his gravesite with our daffodils.
We miss you Poppa Frank but we were blessed to have you in our lives.

Linking up with the beautiful Paisley Jade


PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful pics Leonie! Loving that you are getting in the photos too... and yay for meeting up with Cat!

Your Poppa looks lovely xoxo

Rachel Kate said...

Great photos :) looks like fun!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

The photos of you and kids on the beach are so lovely - the photo of your boy by himself is striking.

Sammy said...

Yay for getting in the photos, you are so pretty!
The beach looks fantastic- bring on Summer!

Helen said...

Great to see you in the pics with your kids! They will treasure them in the future. Big love for the memory of your poppa xo

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Such lovely, natural happy photographs of you all. Your children are gorgeous and the love of your family beams out of these photographs and your words. I'm sure your dear Poppa is beaming down on you all x

Stace said...

Im jumping on the awesome kids and beach photos bandwagon too!!! Im the same, hate being on photos but trying to change it :)!! great post, roll on summer sunshine

jacksta said...

looking forward to seeing more of the beach

Yana said...

beautiful photos :)

just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award and i hope you can accept it (see my blog for details) :)