Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coconut Apricot Balls, Dairy and gluten free

Ive decided that each week I am going to post about living with food allergies, specifically gluten, dairy and eggs.
Im going to include recipes, ideas of what to eat, how to get started and products Ive found that we like.

First up these great Coconut Apricot and Cashew Balls that I love for a little sweet treat.

Coconut Apricot & Cashew Balls (Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Egg Free)

1 c Cashew nuts (blitz to a powder in food processor)
1/3 c agave syrup
1/3c coconut oil
1 c coconut (dessicated, organic is best as no preservatives)
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 c chopped apricots (soaked in 3 tbsp water for 10 mins) - I use organic for these too.

Add coconut oil to cashews. Add other ingredients.
Roll into balls and roll in coconut.


Posie Patchwork said...

Not an apricot fan but always manage to enjoy these, delicious work Leonie, love Posie

Lady Muck said...

Nom nom! One of my favourite treats from childhood (that and rumballs).

Glad to see you are settling in your new home... it looks like heaven on earth with that pool! Glad too, that you didn't stop blogging. It can be so easy to be discouraged. I was saying last night to Mr Muck that I was thinking of stopping, he talked me out of it :)

LM x

Sammy said...

THANKS! I would really appreciate diary and gluten free recipes. I end up buying Blossom hideously expensive biscuits as I have no idea what to make.
Love it, thanks!

Sima J said...

What a good idea! Now if you'd only done that while you were HERE I could've made you food that you could actually EAT at our blog catch ups!! ;-)

Megan said...

they sound yum, haven't heard of agave syrup before tho! look forward to reading your recipes :)

jacksta said...

great idea!

Fiona said...

I can't have the cashews, but I guess I could substitute almonds instead. It is so difficult to find foods you can eat and good recipes that work round the allergies. I'm also gluten and egg free,so I'll be reading with interest!

PaisleyJade said...

Oh yum!! Love apricots, coconut AND cashews. Mmmmmm!!

HalfDozen said...

Yum! my kind of eating, as i'm dairy & grain free, gotta try these