Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crossing the Ditch and other stuff

Ok, so here we are.
Its taken me almost two weeks to feel motivated to write a blog post.

I have even considered letting my blog go.
Why? because as soon as I start worrying about stats, number of comments and number of followers, or comparing my blog to the success of others, then I wonder if its worth it.
I did after all start this blog to record my crafting, and we all know there hasn't been a lot of that lately!

So instead I'm going to try to refocus on why I am doing this and try to structure my blogging a bit more. I love how my dear friend Paisley Jade, has a plan to her blogging, each week I know what she will post and when and I look forward to it! What will she create this week? what recipe will she post? what will she be loving?

So Im going to be more structured and see if that inspires me to keep on blogging. I have a few ideas to work on.

But for now, I guess you want to know about our move??

Well, as an expert mover (yes, three international moves in four years, 10 moves since we had children, a total of 27 moves in my life!!! eek! only someone who moves constantly would even add those up!) this move was just as hard as the rest.

Its not just the packing, its the cleaning, dealing with three children's emotions, saying goodbye to precious family and special friends.  Yes, we've done it all before and no, it doesn't ever make it easier, just means you know what to expect.

Its the near meltdown at the airport when you are told your luggage is over weight and the way the check-in person looks down their nose at you when you suggest weighing your youngest child to see if the excess luggage can make up for the little weight she is taking up on the plane ...after all we do pay for her the same as her sister who weighs a lot more.

But no, so out of the luggage go most of my clothes, my hair dryer and straightener.... sigh.

Its the looking forward to meeting up with family at Butterfly Creek before check in, only to get SCREAMED at by one of their staff for sitting where we weren't supposed to.
Yes its now on here and YES I did warn her I would make sure other people knew how rude she was... shocking!

Thank goodness Mc Donalds a few metres down the road were BRILLIANT and couldn't do enough for our group of 15 people (shakes head at Butterfly Creek, hope they treat the visitors for the World Cup with better manners and maybe a little customer service!).

But we make it through those two challenges, say our sad goodbyes to Nana and Poppa and off we go.

Our kids are great little travellers. They have had quite a few plane rides in their short lives, nothing too long, but usually with me alone.

They pretty much know the drill about putting their stuff through security, asking for help to stow their hand luggage, choosing their movies, using the airplane toilets.... bickering at the gate in front of everyone ...*ahem*.

So we make it to Brisbane and there is great excitement and hugs and kisses for Daddy.

My hubby has found us a lovely townhouse and thanks to awesome friends and family its almost completely furnished. Blessed!

We have spent the last 11 days enjoying being around hubby/Daddy, catching up with dear friends, checking out the local op shops, enjoying the SUNSHINE... oh, the sunshine....

But more of that for tomorrow's loving post and some photos because I have been sooo slack at taking photos.

Right now we are off for a swim, its 28C and the kids have been begging me all week.


Cat said...

Missing you already - Glad you're still blogging - AND - glad you are together as a family xxx

Natasha in Oz said...

I am way behind on all of your adventures! I'm going to have to do some serious catching up. I am so happy to hear that you are going to keep blogging!

I sure do hope that everything is well with you and please let me know if I can do anything!

Happy Spring!

Best wishes,
Natasha (in Brissie!)

Sima J said...

Phew that you made it over okay but we DO miss you here :-( YAY for hot summery weather for you! It's been pretty sunny here today but I would NOT try going swimming - I am SURE it would be FREEEZING! ;-)

Gail said...

Ha, you HAVE to keep blogging cause you have a whole group of friends here who would miss you if you dont! my numbers are always fluctuating but you know what, it just comes down to connection and I love that!

I love what you said to the luggage person, cause I TOTALLY THINK THAT SHOULD EQUATE TO MORE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE!!! And I have mentioned it too! Ha.

Anyways, so pleased so you are all reunited and enjoying your home there - and what a blessing!


P.S. Really, a blogging structure? I just couldn't. Wow. Impressed much.

PaisleyJade said...

Love that you are blogging again!! Re the blogging structure - I only do it because I'm that kind of girl (and it keeps me sane), but I love the random blogs so much!! Be yourself - that's the best way you can be.

Can't wait to hear more about your first weeks home. xoxo

jacksta said...

We will definitely miss you more if you don't blog!

Boo to Butterfly creek...Does she not know you blog!!! *gasp* Maybe we should all have little tags they say "Beware... blogger. Better give us great service!"

Yay for friends who furnished your house...thats amazing!

Lol to the kiddie wiegh in allowance!

Miss you my friend

Mon said...

Yay! Lovely to hear from you. Not that you've dropped off the end of the earth or anything (facebook) but its lovely to read how you are going.
I can't believe you had such a bad experience at Butterfly to them!!
Judging from the comments above you so shouldn't give up blogging - there are many who love what you do on it, crafting or no crafting. But of course...its up to you. But don't.
Mwah!! Much love from across the Tasman.

Stace said...

Glad you made it safely!!! I agree with paisleyjade! be yourself, thats what we all like about you :) I have only just got back onto blogging and its because I stop trying to have one of 'those' blogs and just did my own thing, I have 11 followers :) looking forward to your next post xx

Lyndel said...

Welcome back to Aussie. Blog when you want to, don't Blog if it's a chore.. there are NO rules, and turn the 'stats' page OFF. [I ignore it completely].

Simoney said...

You must keep blogging.
Really your blog is your home.
Your freinds {us} come visit you at your home and see what you're up to.
If you have no blog, where will we visit you now that you are in Oz???
Glad you made it and SORRY the staff at Butterfly Creek sucked.
They should know better than to mess with a blogger!

Meghan at MNM's said...

So great to hear of your adventures, both the great and the challenges. Stink about Butterfly Creek (as we are planning a possible wee trip there in the summer...I will bear that feedback in mind!

Yay to being reunited with hubby and to settling back into the warmth over there :-) Jealous much after our freak hailstorm on Tuesday!

I agree with the others...I would SO miss you if you didn't blog but even just now and again is lovely to hear from you if it's too much to be doing it all the time while you're still finding your feet again!

xxx Meg

Tammi said...

Oh I hear you on the blogging...I so need to find a better life/blog balance.

Wow you are a seasoned mover :) Glad you arrived safe and sound...happy settling.

Cat said...

you are amazing Leoniw...honestly!
All that moving...with kids???!!!!

keep smiling..and don't forget to breathe!

love and light

A Keeper said...

No more moving for you for a very long time I think. And I say blog when you like, don't worry about long absences. Your true readers won't mind a bit :)

Neetz said...

DON'T GO...........STAY!!!!

Oh no, thats right, you've gone! ;) heehee.

Stinky poos to Butterfly creek staff! That sux and we may have to harass them re: their service!! heehee.

Love lots. Miss you x

Lyns said...

Boo Butterfly Creek, and excess baggage...BUT WOW and YAY to friends and family blessing your home.

kendylsPlace said...

Stinky start to the trip, but great ending! Good on you for keeping on blogging. I know that feeling of being disheartened about lack of followers and comments - I had to force myself to redirect and remember why I do it - for me - no one else, and that helps a bit! Keep it up - you're doing an amazing job!

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Well done on arriving in one piece. Keep blogging. Structure or not, crafting or not we all love reading your words and thoughts. xx

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Phew! Well done and blimey, no worries on the blogging front - give yourself a break mate - you've had a truck load on your plate!!!! Must feel so great to be united as a family again and here's to you and your family for a very happy future in Brisbane! x

Elizabeth said...

So glad you made it safe and sound... so good to be back together as a family also! I just can't imagine the kind of stress you've been under - awful... but now back to sharing the parenting and all those other things that crop up!

I am a bit like you - rethinking the blogging, maybe a bit of structure would help me also. Hmmm, need to think on that one!

Helen said...

Argh! Don't give up your blog, I love reading it (although I am so slack at commenting, must get better at that!). So you are in Brisbane huh...we are about 500kms day I will come visit you! ;) Betcha can't wait! hehe