Thursday, September 1, 2011

Road Trip Part Four: the scary bit!

The next part of our Rotorua Experience involved a helicopter ride...not for the faint hearted I tell you!!!

Thanks to Rotorua Helipro, we were off to experience their Lakes tour.

We turned up and were told they needed to postpone the ride until later as it was quite windy... I was quite happy at that point to blame the weather and not worry about it! But no, Miss K insisted we return later.

So back we go a few hours later.... they pull out the helicopter and the nerves kick in... I say to Miss K.... eeek! it looks so tiny!!! (I am very much a BIG PLANE type of girl!)

But.... I needn't have worried... they were just pulling out that helicopter (using the little ride on) so they could get the OTHER helicopter out for us!

You know, the TEENEY TINY one that doesnt even need a ride on to pull it out... this one you just pull out on its training wheels!!!!! The one we could probably fit in our boot.

So I was shaking and praying, my daughter was jumping up and down with excitement....I was tempted to ask for my parachute...but didn't want to appear rude.
then Miss K quickly jumps in the back seat...leaving me to sit in the front... of a tiny little helicopter, barely bigger than my son's lego one!

So off we go... shaking and being buffeted around by the wind.... the scariest 20 minutes of my life!!
Yes the scenery was amazing, yes the sheep looked like little grains of rice, scattered over the hills, yes I aged about 10 years in 20 minutes.....and no, I didn't lose my lunch.

Our pilot was awesome, and I kind of figured he wanted to survive the ride too.... so I trusted him to get us back safely.
and just wondering how this fire extinguisher is supposed to help me when we are plummeting to the ground????
I survived, with a few more grey hairs and wrinkles...but it was all worth it for the look on this girls face
We were told to watch out for the rotating blades as we disembarked.... what !!!??? (vivid memories of a certain ER episode years ago)
..... but its all just part of the experience when you are a dare devil like me... (not!! lol)
Looking pretttttty happy here!!! On solid ground!
So thanks Helipro for an awesome experience. We really did enjoy it and I would definitely recommend visiting them next time you are in Rotorua.


Flying Blind... said...

What a fun trip!!
(Poor Doctor Romano!!)

Sima J said...

Bahaha hilarious!! I remember that epidsode of ER! Ouchies! Haha .. maybe the fire extinguisher is to STOP you from plummeting in the first place hehe ;-)

TracyP said...

I totally remember that ER episode lol
I am jealous!! I so wanna go on a helecopter one day!

jacksta said...

SO Jealous...and like Tracy I remember that ER episode!
Definitely on the To do list!

Stace said...

must be a heap of ER fans here cos I remember that episode too!!! Loved reading this post I have some awesome memories of 1 on 1 time with my mum and am also jealous about the ride (altho I think id be a bit wobbly in the legs when push come to shove)

Miss Becky-Boo said...


Cat said...

jealous much!
LOVE the look on your darling daughters face!

meg said...

What awesome memories you made together and such great photos to hold on to. x