Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogs Im loving...

Today I want to share with you a few of my favourite blogs.... these are the ones that appeal to me, not necessarily because they have hundreds of followers, but because I love the content, I get carried away by the beautiful images, the creativity... or just their daily life...

Ivy Nest... a beautiful blog about a family who have made a tree change... a post that really got my attention and spoke to my heart was about shopping to fill a it here, and the rest is just lots of crafting, vintagey goodness!!

Little Woollie.... just check out and SWOON over her AMAZING crochet... C.L.E.V.E.R.

My Darling Lemon Thyme - A Kiwi living in Oz with the most amazing GF recipes and this kind lady even gave me brilliant suggestions for egg substitutes in her recipes -that work a treat - don't you love that about blogging! People's willingness to share their own knowledge...

Little Poppa - another kiwi gal, living in Oz.  I just love Tammi's crafting and thrifty finds.

MealyandI - Kylie is an amazing knitter and crocheter and I love seeing what she is creating!  I was supposed to meet up with Kylie this week IRL...but was sick and had to postpone... hoping next week!

Nays Place - my dear, IRL friend (also a Kiwi living in Oz and we live in the same postcode) Nay is back on the blogging bandwagon and Im really enjoying reading her posts, another supercreative (check out her cakes!) person and a LOVELY person IRL too.

Ok, I have many many more favourites... but you would be here all day if I listed them ALL! Check over in my link bar -------> for the ones I love <3


Renee said...

Awwww....thank you so much!! I'm so touched to be included in your list. xxoo

Can't wait to go and visit the other blogs, too!

Simoney said...

Miss ya.
ANd I know it goes without saying that I'm one of your favourites too, aye?
Even though I neither crochet nor sew.
Yeah I know.
We are TIGHT!

Tammi said...

Thanks Leonie, I am very touched and honoured to be included :)
Tania's is the only blog I recognise here so I will enjoy sitting down this afternoon visiting the others.

Hope you are having a fab weekend.


Kylie said...

Thanks so much for the linky - Yes - we will meet up IRL this week:)

Jules said...

Hello Leonie! Thanks for including me in your post, I feel very chuffed that you like my stuff! You have a lovely blog too! Have a great day:) Julie
Ps I love what you've done with the dolls bed, those doillies look great:)