Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dead Ant Dead Ant...

In Australia, apart from having some of the deadliest snakes and spiders in the world, they also have very LARGE ants.

I'm not talking those tiny little ones that invade our homes in NZ (and Oz) but these rather large ants - that BITE!!!
And they HURT!! the stinging goes on for ages - I have had one - once.

Miss K has never reacted well to any biting insects and even a mosquito bite will often end up infected and worse still, with cellulitis, requiring antibiotics.

Ant bites were a new insect bite for us to deal with and we've even had to request that at school she doesn't sit on the ground during PE or lunchtime.

On Friday a mean big ant, however bit her on the back of her leg and at 1.45pm I got a phone call from the school to say she had been bitten and what should they do (yep, I am the mother who forgot to send along the antihistamines).

With only an hour of school to go I thought surely it would be fine. The school office lady said it was the size of a 10 cent piece and they were putting ice on it.

When I picked her up one hour later it was the size of the black line approx 16 cm x 6cm!!

(yes, after past experiences i have learnt to draw around it early on so we can keep track of how fast its growing)... this photo I took this morning so all the redness and swelling has gone down.

Her leg was swollen and radiating a lot of heat as well as being pretty painful.  We put ice on it as well as lavender oil (which is great for insect bites) and gave her antihistamines, and then yesterday had to resort to taking her to the doctor because it was spreading fast and very painful, hot and tight (now 16cm x 8cm).
The doctor prescribed Prednisone... and today she is finally getting some relief from the bite .. and lots of emotional outbursts from the prednisone.

We have tried Stingose and like to keep things as natural as possible. Prednisone and antibiotics are an absolute last resort... anyone who has had a child on Prednisone will know why...

Has anyone got any great tips for dealing with Ant and insect bites???


Anonymous said...

Poor wee thing. Yes, gotta love prednisone, have three that take that for Asthma. I have hear vinegar is ok for ant bites also but not 100% sure that it works. Good luck though. Xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry, above comment was me. Kel xx

Sima J said...

ugh poor thing! Horrid ants .. I hate those things! I use Tea Tree Oil on bites, but I dunno if it'd be strong enough for that crazy reaction?!

PaisleyJade said...

All I'm going to say is OUCHIES!!!

Sammy said...

Rupi is the same with insect bites- and I also draw around them! Tea tree oil is my best treatment yet.

Simoney said...

yowzer. we are all gasping in horror over here.

Mon said...

Owww!!! I'm not much help sorry, but tea tree oil is AMAZING as a natural antiseptic/anesthetic for pain in our house.

jacksta said...

ouch! Another great thing about NZ...harmless bugs ;)

Penny said...

We've ended up in the emergency dept before with insect bites because Turbo couldn't walk!
Also looking for good natural treatments. Good to know Lavender oil helps