Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kiwi Pride!

We might live in Australia and love this mighty land, but in our hearts we are Kiwis through and through and days like today we think of the land we were born and raised and there's no question about who we will support.

The kids are decked out to show their support.
The BBQ stuff is ready to go. The drinks are chilling.

Its a magnificant Brisbane day here, perfectly blue skies and about 28 C.
We're off to have dinner with our good kiwi friends and make a lot of noise watching the rugby.

The kids will stand up and sing the NZ National Anthem, then they'll stand up and sing the Australian one too (hehe, but the younger two have lived longer in Australia than NZ)... and do the haka.

We are pretty darn proud of our little Kiwi Nation. For such a small country we really do exceptionally well on the international stage.

All that is left to say is GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!


jacksta said...

go the ABS!

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Gorgeous photo!! xx

Fay said...


Flying Blind... said...

Woo hoo 20-6!!!!

Cat said...

Wahooooooooooo xxx

Jules said...

My bub & I were all dressed up too! Love your son's tshirt. So exciting, I almost cried last night when we won, and it wasn't even the final!

My All Black post is here..

Tammi said...

Oh Yes! Definitely proud to be K I W I!!

And what a fantastic outcome too :)

Elizabeth said...

Wasn't that the BEST game ever!

Haha - love your kiddo's outfits, we had Lydia in an AB shirt also!