Friday, October 7, 2011

Loving and living


this week Miss K and Mstr B started at their new school... and they LOVE it. They LOVE their teachers. Love their friends (some old, some new). Its all good. What little troopers these two are.
This little Miss started homeschooling while we wait (and prayed hard) for a space to become available for her at school
wearing her new outfit sent from Nana

Our homeschooling is very unstructured and we are just winging it with reading, stories, writing and maths.... visiting op shops, playing in the park, playing with friends.....

Yesterday I heard her telling friends of ours : 
'Mum isn't a very good teacher, she doesn't know what she is doing, like she had me counting in 2s to 30... she should know Ive done it before and I can do it to 100!' 
... well (miss know-it-all *giggle*) Mummy is doing the best she can sweetheart and praying hard for a place at school!!! haha.  Gotta love her.

LOVING having friends move from NZ to Brisbane this week. We all had dinner together last night. Loved loved loved it.

LOVING catching up with friends (a lovely bloggy friend from here) and going to the park for our physical education

can you see what the cute little doggy is doing in the background...hehe

LOVING feeling better after about 36 hours of tummy upsets this week, which left me exhausted after no sleep and missing out on meeting a new bloggy friend :( hopefully next week. (um... er. no piccys of

LOVING the fabulous news of an engagement of a friend - she has found her prince and totally deserves being treated like a princess!!!

LOVING a jam packed weekend ahead with Miss K starting indoor netball tonight, catching up with friends tomorrow and a birthday on Sunday. 

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Sarah Lee said...

Glad the new school is a hit and hope a space comes up soon for your youngest x I found five months of homeschooling Sophie, with my toddler Alice by my side, fun but exhausting! We Sophie and I are looking forward to her starting a new school in term 4, joining her big sister (who loves it). Happy children - happy parents (even if it's costing us a fortune!).

Sorry to hear you've been unwell and really hope next week is a much better one for you. Have a great weekend x

Sue said...

Great news about school for 2/3s of the kids. Hope the other place comes up soon. I love the uniforms...those socks are so cute.

jacksta said...

blondie is so funny!
Glad the older two are loving school. So cool!
Missing you loads

Little Gumnut said...

so good that the kids love their new school. Can't believe that you have to wait for a place to be available for your youngest!! Unheard of! Glad you're feeling better. We've had gastro here too and it was not pleasant at all.

Renee said...

Can't believe you didn't crop Chase out of Elise's pic!! :O lol.

Glad you're feeling better and can't wait to start organizing regular crafty nights once things settle down in Nov...I'm so looking forward to it!!!

banban said...

tee hee.... loving that little dog in the background doing it's "thing" and loving that you have so much to be loving right now. I hope the tummy stays well. xx

PaisleyJade said...

Loving your lovings and really hope you are back to full health soon! Cracking up at your little ones comments (love your outfit!!!).