Friday, October 21, 2011

Loving on a Friday afternoon

First up, Im loving that its the weekend.

Loving that after a 5 week, patient wait my copy of Mollie Makes has arrived at the local newsagent! Yippee!
Now I just need to sit down with a cuppa and devour it!

Loving this awesome mail that came for me today!!!
I mentioned to Jennie on Twitter that I loved the tape measure ribbon she had on a post and she so kindly sent me some with all these other beautiful things inside! How KIND and thoughtful is she!!
and talented!! you really should go check out her blog A Little vintage. THANKS Jennie, you made my day!
Oh and Im back in the land of tweets and twitter, you can find me here.

Loving all the lovely comments about my bunting in my post yesterday, thanks you lovely people!! I have decided to make some to sell (somewhere, some how?) so watch this space.. I just need to come up with a suitable shop name....

Loving that my baby girl has had her first week at their new school and LOVES it.
When I asked her last night if she thought her new teacher was a better teacher than Mummy, her response, well yes Mum, she KNOWS what she is doing.   Haha.

Loving these little teacups - perfect for the kids and only $2.50 at the local Oppy. One cup is missing but thats fine as I only have three little mouths for which to drink from them.

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jacksta said...

love the tea cups. you are the op shop queen

Amy said...

love the teacups!

And had to giggle at your youngests comments about her teacher. That is classic!

Sam said...

Your bunting is lovely, why not sell them? Lovely teacups too!:)Sam

Ms. Kate said...

What a great find at the op shop! Great list :)

Tammi said...

I am loving that you are going to be selling those buntings...I'll be your first customer :)

Would love to get my hands on a copy of that mag too.


PipStarRose said...

Ooooooo cool tea cups!

weza said...

I love you! that is all

PaisleyJade said...

Such a great list - the bunting, the magazine, Jennie's amazing parcel, the tea cups, the new school... did I leave anything out? Awesome list of lovings from an amazing lady. xoxo