Monday, October 3, 2011

Op Shopping goodies

Im really in my op shopping groove at the moment. I am loving all this little treasures I find.

Last week the kids and I went to three op shops we haven't been to before and found these bargains for Miss K... all 3 for $5.
The skirt and rash shirt don't even look as if they have been worn, the shorts are just like her favourite ones but the next size up (perfect!)

More vintage pillowcases and a pretty bright little yellow doily (which makes me think of sunshine)... boy do I have plans for these!!
100% wool blankets.. a bit warm for on the bed over here but I love finding these... have plans for them too... would you believe only $1.50 each!!!

Books for my little Miss E who is starting homeschooling this week (to add to the 20 + we get at the library every week!)
Books for me... crafting books of course
including a cute little Singer sewing machine manual.

A cutting board that nearly fills our dining table... something I have wanted since I did home ec at school!!
And more clothes for Miss E and K  ($11 for all these and all practically brand new)
More sheets... which will be turning into something for ME!!
and a little bowl that is going to be pinterest pimped!

I am seriously addicted to this op shopping thing!!!

What bargains have you found lately?

I'll be back with posts about what I am doing with half of these things!

And I just found a linky for thrifty finds over here at Her Library Adventures... so Ive joined in :)

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Karen said...

Wool blankets are handy to have. We used to have one as a family picnic blanket but my mum made excellent use of it when her dishwasher caught fire! It contained the burning to just the location of the dishwasher (and a bit of surrounding bench/cupboard) instead of burning the whole kitchen down!

Sadly that was the end of the blanket, but much better than than the end of the whole kitchen!

Tammi said...

You have certainly scored some gorgeous bargins there Leonie :) I have picked up a few great finds myself favorite being a teacup trio for $3..bargin!!

A Keeper said...

I've tasked myself to go op shopping this month, so seeing your post and all the fantastic things you've picked up has really cemented it for me :)

jacksta said...

Trace was just saying how much she would love a cutting board! nice finds

quilary said...

You have hit an oppy goldmine! I have that same teak bowl, with the salad servers too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Cat said...

LOVE wool blankets ::))

BeckyKay said...

Wow!! All sorts of great finds! I love finding good vintage craft books and supplies!

Flying Blind... said...

Oh man I am booking a flight now, we never have such great stuff here, or it is often more expensive than new!

Lea said...

Some great things Leonie. The wool blankets are a bargain and I love the vintage sheets, always a fan. I wonder what'you're going to do with the wooden bowl...