Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A short journey

This little munchkin

is heading back to school next week.

Our homeschooling journey (of two short weeks) is over. A place has come up in a very full junior school, it is a privilege to have the opportunity.

She is VERY excited about having classmates again, new friends.

She is a child who thrives in a formal learning environment.

I am not going to deny that I am excited too. I may or may not have been jumping for joy (just saying).

I love my children, I really do, and I LOVE the concept of homeschooling. But its just not for us. Envious much of those who can and do.


Neetz said...

I'm afraid home schooling is totally not for me either... (and if I'm honest I'm not at all envious of those who can and do do it ... and love it too! haha). I just suck at teaching family..I get too impatient. I have all the patience in the world with others. I can't even teach hubby the guitar without getting growly!! haha. Hey at least you had 2 weeks (even though Miss E didn't really think you were cut out for it all!! heehee). Now you can send her off to school happy...and you can be happy too!! :) Luv yas xx

Neetz said...

Hey...look at that..i changed to google chrome, and now I can actually comment on your blog again! Praise ye the Lord!! :)

Flying Blind... said...

I am happy for you all!
I could not think of anything worse than home-schooling - I'd be trying to sneak mine in the school back-door from day one!

PaisleyJade said...

OH yay!! Great news... and yes, I'm not really cut out for home schooling either!!

tartankiwi said...

Yay! Good luck! Hope she enjoys the new school and well done you for the honesty, don't think I could do homeschooling either!

Cat said...

LOL yup I may or may not have been heard saying something similar on a number of occasions

Widge said...

oh yay!!!!
with neetz on the not envious part too :)