Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thank you and a wonderful weekend

Thank you my bloggy friends for all your beautiful comments on my last post.

I have cherished and appreciated each and every one. You are very wise women with lots of wonderful suggestions. Last week I didn't know how I could ever forgive the person involved, but every day I am feeling a little closer to being able to.

I have tried not to give this person too much of my headspace this weekend but this morning when I woke up, now that I have calmed down a bit, I knew it was time to write a letter to the person concerned. So that is done, and has been sent. 

Just know I really appreciate all of my followers and friends. I wasn't sure I should share that post but Im really glad I did.

This weekend has been great!!!

I'll sneak in this pic of Miss K and our shopping date on Thursday night...

A very long night looking for shoes to fit this girl for school. Womens ones in the end..and she's only 10!

Yesterday I had a whole day to myself!! Thanks hubby!

I spent the morning visiting my favourite op shops finding soooo many awesome goodies. In fact, since returning to Oz I have found some amazing bargains at the local op shops. I think they deserve a post of their own :)... here's a glimpse of the vintage pillowcase awesomeness!

Then, last night, dear friends of ours had all three of our darlings overnight so hubby and I could have a date!!!
Her son was very cute and said he thought married people didn't need to go on dates, that once you are married you just 'hang out'... hehe

So off we went to our favourite place to eat at Redcliffe, The Rustic Olive. Beautiful food, awesome service, great atmosphere! Yum Yum Yum.  Seafood risotto for me, Riveria pasta for hubby.

ok, so I used a bad photo of my half eaten food  from our last visit.. because I didn't take one last night. Its a good thing I ALWAYS eat the same dish
Then it was home for a dvd and dessert. We watched The Kings Speech which was a great movie and I swear I did not fall asleep in it... haha.

Dessert was a yummy gluten free and dairy free coconut milk panacotta I whipped up ... sharing that recipe soon!

Today has been a family day, we visited my cousin to pick up some bunks and came home with half of her house. Bunks, another bed, mattress and a cute desk and chair for the little Miss E who starts homeschooling tomorrow.


Tammi said...

Leonie I am so glad to hear you are in a better's always wise to give yourself space from certain situations until you reach a point where you can rationally deal with it.

Our girl, 13, wears a women's size's incredible how fast our children are growing these days. Good luck on the homeschooling front :)


Helen said...

Ah bugger, I meant to leave a comment on your post yesterday but got distracted by the kidlets...but I have been thinking of you, and lifting you up in my thoughts Leonie. Good on you for writing the letter, and I'm glad you are feeling more peaceful about things now. xo PS How gorgeous is your daughter...mothers lock up your sons!

PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend Leonie. Keeping you in my prayers precious friend. xoxo

Cat said...

yeah for dates xxx very important xxx

A Keeper said...

Hoping date night left you feeling refreshed too :)