Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Christmas Pinspiration List

I'm joining in with Polka Dot Daze Christmas Challenge for November, more details here.

My Christmas list is brought to you, courtesy of Pinterest (you can find me here). I've been pinning ideas for Christmas for months now... so a little sorting is necessary!

This year all our Christmas decorations, stockings etc are still in NZ. We are going to have a simple Christmas 'making' do.

So I need to make
*first up - Christmas cards (the blackboard has been purchased, I have the kids and a camera - just need motivation!)
Pinned Image
from Pinterest
* simple stockings for us all
Pinned Image
from Pinterest
* Decorations
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from pinterest

*For my littlest who has her first 'wobbly' tooth
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* This blackboard for my girls
Pinned Image
* soap (my first attempt ever) and lip balm for Christmas gifts

*something cool for my son!

oh and Ive joined a bunch of swaps! eek.

I'll be back to top up this list :)

Better get busy.


Vintage Mum said...

I didn't even think about Xmas cards! The last few years I've written them all out and forgotten to send them. But I love that idea. I love pinterest too :)

Simoney said...

I LOVE your list. I have a few things on my Pinterest christmas To Do list too. At the top is a driftwood christmas tree canvas.
Went and found some driftwood last weekend, now all I need is the canvas. This year I want a "real" (not fake) christmas tree. And I think I might MKAE a lot of decorations with a kiwiana feel. Paint some pinecones gold and hang them? Weed out the deocations that are not white or gold... I am so loving Pinterest at the moment. Such inspiration.

Tammi said...

Great list Leonie...I think I may just steal a few myself :) We are attempting our first batch of soap next week, if you need a recipe check out the Down to Earth blog, her soap looks super easy.
Let us know how you get on with the lip balm, wouldn't mind giving that a go too.

Mrs M said...

Love the Christmas card idea.... think I might give that a go too :)

Jody Pearl said...

You are going to be busy!

Shopping for the Op Shop Swap might be a welcome break.

nicole said...

Very beautiful ideas for chrismas ,i love your chrismas tree . Nicole from France