Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Acts of Christmas Ornament Giving

While wallowing in homesickness today, I have been thinking back over the past year and the many challenges we have faced in our family.  Its been a crap year. Seriously.

Santa its been a crap year!! (and this is actually ME as a baby circa 1971)

BUT, I am well aware that our life is pretty spectacular compared to some.

Through daily life and blogging I hear so many stories of so many people much worse off than us.

So I've decided to do a little giving at this time of year, with a message of love and peace and I'm calling it the Random Acts of Christmas Ornament Giving.

a decoration made by Miss K last year

I have been making 30 handmade Christmas ornaments this weekend and I will be sending them out to 30 people who have touched my life this year, in whatever way  - however big or small.

People who have inspired me with their strength, those who have taken on challenges placed before them.
People who I don't even know in real life but their stories are on my heart.
People who have shown me the blessing of a beautiful friendship.
People who have challenged me, criticised me (eek thats a tough one.. I might have to forgive them - *gulp*).

I hear my kids running around the house singing at the top 'Happy Birthday Jesus, Happy Birthday Jesus, Happy Birthday Jesus, Thank you for being my friend each day, Thank you for being my friend'

And it reminds me, Jesus is the reason for the season! A gift for all of us. Without his birth there would be no Christmas, whether you are a believer or not.

I want to spread a message of hope and love. To those who have shown me love, those who have hurt me and those who don't even know me.

I am going to change my perspective and change my heart.


CHD said...

That, is a great idea. It is easy to think of doing something nice or meaning to say something encouraging or even to thank someone, but so often the moment passes before the act is done. I'm sure those on the receiving end will be delighted. Cx

Tanya said...

Leonie, I love your idea. I like that you've chosen people in all those 'sections'. Have fun doing the giving.

PaisleyJade said...

Such a precious idea Leonie. Really hoping that next year will be amazing!

Miss Becky-Boo said...

What a year it has been for sure! We all need to take a reality check don't we and see what we all have been blessed with without belittling the trial. Your an awesome woman! xx

Rebecca said...


Jane said...

Leonie, that is just a delightful idea. I think I'd like to do a couple of those too (30 - wow you're amazing!). I really feel what CHD says - so often the moment passes before we act on good intentions. Christmas is just the time to really act, and ornaments are sweet and meaningful, and can be reflected upon each year. Very inspiring, thanks :)

jacksta said...

good stuff Leonie

Simoney said...

You are beautiful.
So glad we are friends.

Melissa said...

What a great idea! I might steel your awesome idea! All the best for next year, I hope it is a bright one for you and your family.

Posie Patchwork said...

You're so beautiful, that is such a gorgeous thing to do. Kindness above all right??
We're not religious so Christmas really does just wrap up our year & is about the gifts. We're a very close family & show love every day, to charity & each other, plus all the wishes of peace & humanity, well my husband is away at war, so we think about that every single day too, it's a huge part of our lifestyle & the lessons are not wasted on our children.
Crap year, it's perspective isn't it?? Love Posie

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Lovely idea Leonie!
That photo of you is fantastic! What a classic!

Talia said...

What a beautiful Christmas tree!

I love the idea of randomly giving away some homemade ornaments! What a great way to say 'thanks' to people who've had an impact on us!

I might have to steal this idea. :-D

Vic said...

What a fabulous & thoughtful idea, that is sure to spread the spirit of Christmas far & wide.

Neetz said...

It's hard when you have an "annus horriblus" or however the heck you spell it aye? but here is to 2012 a new and exciting year... may it be much much better than the last!! And hey if you didn't have last year...we would never had met you, and I for one am pretty darn pleased that you were forced home for a while!! Luv you lots xx

Posie Patchwork said...

I got mine & i love it, thanks so much Leonie, love Posie