Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baking Party

Our littlest Miss turned 6 last week and try as I might I could not talk her out of a party.

No pressure or anything, I had 4 days to prepare the whole thing. CRAZY LADY!!!

So after much Pinterest perusing she decided she wanted to have a baking party.

Decorations consisted of bunting (every party needs bunting - we have about 15 different lengths of it now!)
and because it was a baking party.... a long string of cupcake bunting (thanks to my friend Tracey for helping me out with it)
The table:
because it was straight after school I did popcorn and little cupcakes for the girls to eat when they arrived (loving the cupcake stands from KMart and the little wine glasses 50c each at the Oppy, for pink lemonade)
I made each of the girls an apron to wear when they arrived at the party (and it was their take home gift as well). Co-operation wasn't very high on the list for the party goers so I was unable to get a photo of all the girls together in their aprons - but if you have a look at the bunting - those are the fabrics I used.
The girls first task was to make pizza. I made the dough and they put the toppings on that they wanted.

While the pizza cooked they made fruit skewers (oops, no photos)

And then decorated cookies

The only game we played was pass the parcel
Then it was present opening time while one of the Mum's who is super creative and generous did face painting for the girls

Oh and of course there was CAKE!!

And rainbow cake inside... again :)
The birthday girl had a blast...

her Mummy has sworn off parties now... especially last minute ones...


Tammi said...

Seriously woman you are AMAZING to have put this together in 4 days!!! Very impressive!!
I love all the little details and especially adore those cupcakes stands...so checking out KMart tomorrow for those.
It's our little man's 2nd birthday on the 14th and the middle two are hounding me for a party but I don't think there is going to be one..he'll be content to blow out the candles after dinner - Yay for being too young to actually know what parties are :)

Natasha in Oz said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little baker! I am so glad to hear that she had such a lovely party!

Aren't December birthdays hard? My daughter's birthday is on the 18th (same day as my sister) and my brother-in-law's on on Sunday...same day as our wedding anniversary!

I'm sorry I didn't get organised with a morning tea...maybe next year when things slow down a little!

Take care and best Christmas wishes,

Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

Wow - that is one fantastic party, especially with such short time to prepare!! It's good to get some ideas for older kids - a lot of parents I know outsource the party, but this is such a great idea.

PaisleyJade said...

Oh wow - amazing Leonie!! Love the idea of a baking party and those aprons are so cool.

Megan said...

that would take me about 6 months to think of all that and put it together!! you're amazing! especially the aprons for the lucky girls, what a neat party theme :)

CHD said...

What a great party idea. I love the aprons and can't believe you made so many! Cx

jacksta said...

very cool!

Lotti said...

What a truly cool party. Listen I admire any mum that can do parties. I was not the kind of mum that did parties .... sadly ... just didn't cope with all that stuff. So I think that mum's that do parties are truly truly awesome. This looks like SOME PARTY.

Quilt Kitty said...

That is a great idea for a party. Amazing job! Tracee xx

Cat said...

SERIOUSLY amazing cake and party!
I did Mr B's cake and hmmm it's not looking as FANTASTIC as yours! my butter cream kept melting and hmmmm my cake is banana and not looking as sponge'y but tastes delicious

Flying Blind... said...

The party and the cake(!!!!!) look so awesome!

Rebecca said...


Jennifer said...

Wow Leonie - for being last minute that little party looked so cool! Love the cupcake bunting and what a great idea to have the kids make pizzas and decorate cookies. I must remember your great ideas for down the road!!!

Jennifer in the US :o)

Hannah said...

I brought the same little stands from Kmart just yesterday! What a great party, you did well making all the aprons!

intermittentblogger said...

WOW! Just WOW! That is a fantastic party and you are amazing to have pulled that all together in just 4 days!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh happy birthday fabulous 6 year old & that is such a gorgeous birthday party, they'll remember for years.
The face painting was excellent, hold onto that friend, those butterfly faces are stunning.
Now my dear, thank you for the super sweet love house you sent in the mail, it's such a delight & wonderful surprise, thank you so much Leonie, i'll treasure it & what it represents!! Love Posie

Miriam said...

Beautiful party - one day I am going to throw a baking party for myself!! :-) Love it!