Friday, December 16, 2011

Loving : The True Spirit of Christmas

Today the true spirit of Christmas alighted upon my heart.

It seems to have had trouble finding me this year.  And it seems I was looking for it in all the wrong places.

It isn't at the mall, with all those half-crazed, trolley laden big spenders.
It isn't in our Christmas tree and decorations we are missing (they are still in NZ).
I couldn't even find it when I made and sent out a bundle of Christmas decorations.
I feel it a little bit when I listen to Christmas carols.

But here's a little story of how the spirit of Christmas found me....

My children have been involved in a play of the Christmas story, through our school and the school parish.  They have had only two practices and today did their first performance at an Aged Care facility.

I was so very proud of my eldest daughter. She was a narrator and did an exceptional job.
For a child who has struggled with reading, to read a very long script aloud, in front of people, what an achievement!

My youngest daughter was a precious little angel... the only angel with a line and she rocked it! So cute in her squeaky little 6 year old voice "why is this night so special?"

My son was very grumpy that he thought he was a lowly shepherd, without any lines.....

But little does he know, he was the one who touched my heart....

After the play the children went to visit with the residents and it was so beautiful.

The smile on their faces, young and old. It was magical and so precious.

And then the moment, when the true meaning of Christmas really struck me.

One interaction. One photo. One boy and one special elderly lady.

A 'Merry Christmas' and the reaching out of a hand. The holding of hands. Young and old, strangers. Sharing together a beautiful moment.

This photo evokes so many emotions in me. I get choked up everytime I look at it.

Because, to me, this is the true spirit of Christmas.  The reaching out to others. The embracing of our differences. The accepting of strangers.

In our house, we celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Jesus. He is the reason for the season!
The person who taught us these things.
How easy is it to forget that in the madness of a consumer driven Christmas.

How blessed and priviledged are my children and I, to take part in a such a special event.

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jacksta said...

lovely ♥

tartankiwi said...


Jennie said...

Wow - love this post Leonie!
And that last pic brings tears to the eyes.XXXJ

Lotti said...

What a beautiful post and thank you for sharing. I love the picture of the hands ... very touching. Sometimes it only take a little thing to bring the spirit of Christmas to our heart. You should be very proud of your children, sounds like they all did an awesome job.

Helen said...

This post made me cry (not in a bad way). :)

Fiona said...

Lovely post, Leonie.

Cat said...

yep you envoked tears in me too - what a beautiful post

weza said...

Oh my what a beautiful post! That photo is perfect. xxx

Tammi said...

Oh my goodness, I got a serious case of goosebumps reading this Leonie :)
That hand reminds me so much of my nana whom I miss dearly.
Your children are just so gorgeous as is your new header.
So glad you manage to find some joy :)


Remaliah said...

This really is a precious post. You have such beautiful children, Leonie, and it looks like their hearts are equally as beautiful. I'm glad you noticed these moments and hope you really do have a fun time celebrating even though you're not in NZ. Love your header too :)

CHD said...

Lovely reminder of the real reason for Churstmas. You have gorgeous kids. Cx

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

This post truly warms my heart. Your children are gorgeous and the photographs wonderful. They capture the true spirit of the season alright!

I remember singing at a local Hospice as a child and marvelling at how my simple, child's voice, singing a song, could bring such a warm glow and light to another person's face. I shall never forget one lady's face in particular - she removed her oxygen mask for a few moments after we'd finished singing, to say, 'Thank you'.

banban said...

That's beautiful, really beautiful. xx

Lea said...

precious boy..precious choked me up too:)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh how lovely, your children are indeed so special. My boy sang carols at an apartment building filled with retirees, they bravely came down with their chairs & picnic rugs while the junior choir, basically went bonkers for an hour running around & getting hyped up on lollies from Santa, then sang like angels. Love Posie
PS in my shot of the roses, did you notice the beautiful Christmas decoration you sent me, i adore it!!

Sammy said...

What a lovely post. Loved it, thanks for sharing ♥

PaisleyJade said...

Oh Leonie - this is so beautiful!! Sorry I'm so late to comment - with nearly losing Symon's dad, it's been crazy here, but it has also reminded us of the true spirit of Christmas. xoxo

Simoney said...

Leonie I read this the other day, but hadn't had the chance to comment... I was SO GLAD to hear that you found your Christmas Spirit - and in such a SPECIAL way.
That picture is worth a thousand words.
Love you!!