Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Op Shop Swap

Ive been participating in quite a few swaps in the past couple of months.

This one was an Op shop swap organised by Jody over here

My partner for the swap was the op-shop extraordinaire Vic from Punky and Me.

The rules of the swap were

1x item found at an op shop
1x handmade item
1x christmas item

Well, when my box arrived I was blown away!!!
a gorgeous Johnson jam dish and spoon

A beautiful Nativity scene advent calendar, complete with cute little pictures behind each door, CUTE!!!

A beautiful sewing basket!! with a lovely patchworked cover and doily!!
and inside!!! with gorgeous thrifted doilies!

A beautiful Christmas brooch, which I have been wearing non-stop  - I love brooches!

some cute little jams... which unfortunately leaked through the box :(

and this cute Christmas card!

Thanks for a great swap Vic!


weza said...
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weza said...

Wow leonie I can see why you were blown away! I just think the nativity is so very very cool. I bet you loved it!

Sweet Living magazine said...

What a neat idea! You can buy some lovely gifts at op shops. Love it!

Tammi said...

Holy scored big time :)

Jennie said...

What a brilliant swap!!
The plate and spoon boxed set is amazing!!x

Lotti said...

I was part of the op shop swap too .... I think everyone loved the stuff they got. this was my first swap and I found out they are awesome.