Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alphabet of Loving...

After a completely crappy week I have decided to go all out on looking for the things I am grateful for this week. Because as PJ says....

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.

An alphabet of Loving!!! (except for X and Z..... )

A is for Antibiotics.... we usually try to avoid these but when they are needed, they are FAB when they work!
B is for Bloggy get togethers... anticipating, getting excited! And the most lovely comments from Bloggers on my last post... thank you I am really touched.
C is for cuddles with their cousin
D is for DVDs in bed with Poppa!
E is for Miss E learning to knit
F is for the most beautiful FLOWERS from a lovely bloggy friend Im yet to meet. Made my week! Thank you for your beautiful gesture from the bottom of my heart. And you must go and check out her blog...she is AMAZING and creative - a Party Queen!!!
G is for grandparents who are there 100%
H is for Hokey Pokey Cookies - gluten, dairy and egg free and YUMMY!!!
I is for Ice cream... mmmmm
J is for Jeans... loving jeans this winter
K is for big Buzzy Bee at a park
L is for Labneh...made from Buffalo Milk... YUMMY!
M is for Matakana Markets and Movies
N is for nice big bruises...and thankful these were made while I was asleep having surgery
O is for awesome Op shop finds... a copy of Opo the Gay dolphin from the 1950s.
P is for Pins in real life. Inspired by this pin here
Q is for Quaint (the bicycle that is) kids are Quirky
R is for Red shortness of it here
S is Sunshine
T is for Traffic Jams....Waipu style
U is for Uniforms.... holidays remind you how few clothes your children have!
V is for Visitors to my house last week. The lovely Simone and her gorgeous boys.
W is for Wine in the most beautiful movie theatre Ive ever been to.
x -pass
Y is for Yellow roses lining the ceiling of the most beautiful movie theatre Ive ever been to.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Without the rain....

there would be no rainbows.....

Life has been a bit rough around these parts for the last 8 months and this week its all getting to be a bit too much.

It started with a breast lump, then the floods in Queensland, followed quickly by an international move. The kids and I have been back in NZ for 6 months and still no job for hubby. So we've made the decision to head back across the ditch, to where the jobs are. Six months of single parenting has taught me one thing, I don't want to voluntarily be a single parent.

On Friday it is 3 months since we have even seen my hubby. He has missed my 40th, my daughters 10th and my surgery. All really significant things you need your hubby around for.

This week has probably been the roughest so far. Surgery on Monday for the said lump and a gastroscopy to try to figure out all my food intolerances.  Never expected to be so sore from the Gastroscopy, totally expected the breast pain. Nice big fat ugly stitches and nice big huge bruises where they took 8 attempts to get an IV into my arm.

Today Im sore, tired and struggling to get through the school holidays with so much going on. And to top it all off my daughter has tonsillitis and bronchitis. 

All I can say is I am ever so thankful for my Mum and Dad!! Boy are we going to miss them when we head off again.

Sheesh.  Lucky we get HEAPS of rainbows here because there sure is a lot of rain at the moment.

(I don't usually share this much personal stuff on here but hey, sometimes you just gotta let it out).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rainbow Party!!!

Rainbow's are a frequent sight where we live, we see them almost daily.

Miss K and I LOVE rainbows so we decided it would have a to be rainbow themed birthday party for her 10th Birthday.

Miss K's Birthday started off with a cooked breakfast then she headed off to church with Nana and Poppa while my two little helpers and I got organised.
We had a family lunch, of seafood noodles, the birthday girls choice, and this was the cake for our family time... have been loving see this idea on Pinterest.

Perfect cake for this little budding artist!!!

Then it was time for the party guests to arrive....

the scene was set...

A cloud inspired by this crafty lady.... and a rainbow inspired by Pinterest....
For the first time in YEARS I didn't make bunting for this party...just this string of rainbow pom poms...

 $2 shop rainbow pinwheels in jars of 'clouds'

Pebbles (smarties) painstakingly sorted and layered in this cool as jar from the op shop!

Rainbow jelly... seven boxes of jelly, slowly poured in, set, repeat... took two days!! in these cool mason jars for only $1.49 from Pak N Save....

Some ceiling decorations....

There were pressies to open...

Games to play....

and CAKE!!!!

It was followed by a very noisy sleepover!!

Then pancakes and party bags to go in the morning......

All in all, a successful 10th party!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


So Ive been a bit slack on my Loving posts lately, well actually Ive been slack on posting in general...sorry for that. Life is well and truly getting in the way of my blogging!! lol.

So here's some loving from the last few weeks....

boys who aren't afraid to explore their feminine side ...especially if it leads to chocolate....with the chocolate game...

(don't you love the skirt that is barely covering his backside, with wings and a Rugby world cup tee...hehe!)

Little girls turning!!!

(and leaning rainbow cakes with fire hazards....sheesh!)

beautiful little girls wearing CUTE beanies made by the lovely and very talented Becky!
Visiting these cool as Toadstools!!!


I have had visitors!!! woohoo for me!! the lovely Jacksta and Neetz visited me this week to drink tea and eat left over (leaning) rainbow cake.... and the photos are sitting on my camera at Mum and Dads....

And school holiday library programmes with bloggy friends :)
Jacksta and PJ....and a bit of crocheting in the library too!!!! Go PJ!!

Yep, lots of loving...

and happy to say Im loving we drove home today, through flash floods and then narrowly missed a tornado...sheesh!!!  both made it to the local news!!!

but can I say.. Im not loving that on Monday I'm having surgery ... blergh. Im sure I'll be loving when its all over though!!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Double Digits

I am a few days late posting this, but on Sunday my eldest daughter, Miss K, turned 10 years old!!! Wow!!!

Its so cliche, but those years have really flown by.

Here's a few pics of her over the years...

She is growing into a beautiful, young girl.
She is imaginative, loving, compassionate, empathetic.
She has an amazing sense of humour.
She is awesomely creative and expresses this with her painting, drawing, sewing and knitting.
She is a great Netball player.
She has developed her own sense of fashion recently which I really admire.
She has truly beautiful friends, which is testament to the beautiful friend she is.
She is a bright girl with an infectious personality.

The hardest part of celebrating this milestone birthday is that her Daddy, my hubby, couldn't be with us. She sobbed and sobbed and said she would give up birthday presents just to have Daddy there... my heart broke a little more.

But Daddy has promised a special time with him when we see him soon.

A special message for our girl,
Thank you our darling girl, for filling our home with your (loud) laughter, noise, mess and affection. You are a gift we treasure, a blessing we were told we'd never be able to have.You fill our lives with your love.
Love you sweetheart

We celebrated with a family lunch followed by a sleepover... Party pics to follow :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mrs Readalots Bookclub

Hi there *waves furiously*

Welcome bookclub readers!!!

I am hosting this month's Mrs Readalot's Bookclub!

The book I have chosen for this month is ...

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

I've also got an alternative for those of you who may have already read the one above....

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I'll be back on 1 August to post my review and put up the linky!!

Missing : One blogger

In case you were wondering... I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... just been an incredibly busy patch here....

I have plans for no less than about a dozen blog posts...but struggling to get time to sit down and actually write them...

Miss K is 10 this weekend so Im in party planning mode.... heres a little sneak peak...

I'll be back with a HUGE number of posts after that, including the Softies, our amazing weekend adventure, party stuff, pay it forwards, brooch swap, tea towel swap.... phew!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wordless Sunday : Black and White

My gorgeous daughter...on a fancy weekend away with me for her tenth birthday.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Loaf: Review

We were very lucky to recently review some yummy Gluten Free loaves from Loaf.

Loaf is the brainchild of celebrity chef Sean Armstrong. His vision of producing high quality artisan breads and baked goods led to the opening of Loaf bakery in 2004.

As the executive chef and owner of Prime Bistro, one of Auckland’s leading restaurants, Sean became increasingly frustrated with the city’s lacklustre bread offering. Despite extensive trial and investigation, he could not find a consistent supply of quality baked goods. His conclusion - that there was a distinct gap in the market - provided Sean with a new and exciting opportunity.
Loaf has now risen to supply thousands of loaves and specialty cakes every week to restaurants, food stores and cafés across the nation.

The taste test: 
We started off with an afternoon tea of Spicy Carrot Loaf.

YUM!! Moist, full of flavour with just the right amount of spices. Like much missed Carrot cake. This loaf tasted so good and didn't have any of the funny after taste that gluten free foods often do.  Lucky I had Mum to share it with because it was very moorish!

Next up was the Banana and Walnut Loaf.
Another tasty loaf. Again, difficult to tell it was gluten free. Full of flavour. Perfect for a yummy morning tea with a cup of tea.

We also got to try a Seeded Bread Loaf.
I really enjoyed the nutty taste of this bread. The seeds made it tasty and full of flavour and toasted it was divine!!! I am very fussy about gluten free bread but this one was great.

I would definitely buy these gluten free loaves....and you can too!!!

Look for them at New World supermarkets in Auckland and Wellington and Nosh Food Market in Hamilton.

 Use your Loaf and visit your nearest stockist and recipe ideas.

Our Creative Space

This week's creative space at our house is brought to you by Miss E and Mr B... who have been creating their very own monsters!!!

The first task was to design their monsters (Mummy's effort to stall the process..hehe)
Mr B's design - with colours chosen too.

Miss E's design....  I like 'the ears are fire ears they are yellow'

Then they stitched (and Mummy did a bit of unpicking ...quite a bit and with a little help and a bit of stuffing, let me introduce.....



cute huh!! what do your kids love creating???

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Incredibles

I'm a couple of days early, but need to focus on the Things Im loving....and all credit this week goes to my INCREDIBLE children.

These guys are what keep me going. They are amazing.  They are resilient. They are adaptable. They are smart, funny and gorgeous.
Yesterday we had parent teacher interviews and it is humbling to hear from three different teachers how incredible each of our children are.
I have made these photo/loving pages for them...which I plan to print off and frame for them to keep.

My eldest, Miss K, is about to turn 10 years old - Yikes!!!
We hear time and time again from so many people what an amazing child she is.  She is compassionate, loving, with a wicked sense of humour.
Miss K has lived in 10 different houses since she was born, and been to 5 different schools. She is amazingly adaptable and resilient. She quickly carves out her little niche and quickly makes the most beautiful friends (which is testament to her beautiful personality). She is wonderful friend.
She has the most amazing creative streak. She paints, knits, sews, draws... anything she can get her hands on. She makes cards and gifts for other people..constantly!
Her teacher's always comment about her bubbly personality and her genuine concern for others. It is so wonderful to hear that about your child.

My son, Mr B, is sandwiched between two strong willed girls.  He is one of the nicest kids you could meet. He is charming, well mannered and kind. He still lets his Mum hug and kiss him goodbye and is fond of having a cuddle on the couch while watching tv.  He is a very Loving boy. He is also very compassionate, like his older sister, and has prayed tirelessly for the people of Christchurch during this rough year.
His teachers for the past three years have all LOVED his beautiful gentle nature, his caring and respect for others. And BRIGHT, he is super bright.  He is currently reading at twice chronological age... yikes!!! and with 97% accuracy, it means he's probably reading higher again, but he's too young to comprehend all that he can read. He constantly gets awards at school and at soccer, time and again for his great attitude and caring for others.  What lovely things to hear about your child!!

Miss E, our youngest is also incredible. Her teacher wants to clone her. She said, if only all the children she teaches could be like Miss E.  Our Miss E, will always be our baby, but she is 5 now and is growing and changing so fast. She has the most incredible sense of humour, Hilarious!!!  She is also a generally very happy child and makes friends easily.  She loves her family very much and adores her older siblings. Miss E is also very bright and has taken to school like a duck to water. She is reading fluently and working on year 2 maths after less than two terms of school.  She is a very stoic and brave little girl. We love her to bits.

I know I am skiting about my amazing kids, but they really are incredible. They are currenly living in a different country to their Dad, they have to live with their Mum who struggles everyday with depression. They, like all kids, have their moments...but all in all, we feel incredibly lucky to have such AWESOME kids.  It makes my heart swell with pride to hear such lovely things about them.

Today, I am one proud and grateful Mum.