Monday, February 27, 2012


So we have big changes in our house at the moment.

After working part time for the first 6 years of my children's lives and then being blessed with 4 years at home with them full time, I have now rejoined the workforce.

I applied for a full time job last month, along with between 300-400 other people... and after a rigorous selection process, I was one of 12 who was hired, blown away!!!

So last week I started back at work full time, with misgivings and uncertainty right up until the moment I walked through the office door. 
How would I last all day? 
how would the kids cope with after school care? 
how would I get time to blog, craft, waste time on the internet, pin??? 
(oh and clean, cook...blah blah blah, Im a terrible housewife anyway so that won't change..hehe).

image borrowed from here

I arrived, found the training room, sat down and spent the week being blown away by the incredible company I have been blessed to get a job with. 

Turns out I do the working full time thing pretty well, so far... and so does our family! 
We are loving the big changes and adapting well. It is forcing us to be super organised (super!) and we are working together to make it all happen.

We decided to make meals on the weekend to pop in the freezer/fridge for the week to reduce stress for all of us at the end of our long days.  Tonight it was a blessing!

I am on a massive learning curve with three weeks of training before we start 'doing' the job. 
I continue everyday to be impressed by the company and can see it will be a job I really enjoy and a workplace that is committed to looking after, supporting and growing their staff. 

So that's me. As we settle into our new roles I will probably find more time to squeeze in a bit of crafting and blogging but for now its all about us... our little family adapting to our new pace of life.

I have a whole lot to share as life has been so busy of late... sudden trips to NZ, moving house (again!), some yummy recipes, meet ups with lovely bloggers, how I've survived without sugar for the last two months... yep, life is pretty much all go here!


Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

Good to hear that you're all settling into everything and adjusting well into the new routine. A huge blessing that your kids have adjusted well also, that makes things a bit easier.

jennie said...

Your new job sounds amazing!
And its so so great that your family are getting used to the changes too!xxJ

Gail said...

Sounds super great Leonie - I love an organized house! Just wish I could get mine to be running efficiently! Glad your new job is all you hoped and more!! I'm sure you'll find a good groove with plenty of space for those things you want to do!

Sue said...

Congratulations on your return to the workforce. Best of luck with the job.

Lotti said...

Great to hear that you have a full time job and that things are working out so well at home. Awesome. It's nice to know when you are not sure how things are going to work out. It's interesting how when you have to do something that it usually somehow works out.

Jennifer said...

Oh YAY Leonie, that is GREAT to hear you have a new job and that you are loving it!!! All the best as you settle into your new routine. Love & hugs xx

Meghan at MNM's said...

Hi love, so cool to hear you sounding so positive about the changes in your life. If anyone can make the work life balance work for them, it's you!

Be kind to yourselves adjusting to the new routines, though I'm sure you'll find your groove pretty quickly. And anything you can do up front (like prepare meals in advance) is always a blessing!


PaisleyJade said...

You go girl. I'm sure you fall into a good groove soon and squeeze in crafting here and there! I broke out the crochet at work for the first time yesterday and it felt so good!! ;)

Flying Blind... said...

Good for you - and you sound so happy too xxx

Miriam said...

Great news and great to hear you sounding so happy - it's great that things are starting to feel 'right'

Sammy said...

Great news! So glad that the transition is going well. Love to hear all your other news (not so subtle hint!!)

Kylie said...

So glad to hear that you are all doing well. And think if you do one day end up buying that Thermomix it will make dinners a breeze too;)