Tuesday, July 17, 2012

11 years ...

Today this beautiful, kind, funny, creative, empathetic, crazy girl is 11.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl... and please stop growing so fast (at 155cm & size 8 women's shoes! already!)

I love your sense of adventure, you compassion and the kindness you show to others. I love that you are YOU and that you don't want to be a copy of anyone else.

At 11 you are loving 
: : polka dots
: : owls
: : kombis
: : netball (and what a great defender you are!)
: : rainbows
: : kittens
: : One Direction
: : Masterchef

Stay strong in who you are sweetheart, because you are amazing!



Simoney said...

Happy happy birthday gorgeous girl!

jacksta said...

jennie said...

Happy Birthday K!!!
I love these photos - absolutely gorgeous!XX

Neetz said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! Love hugs and blessings xxxxx Neetz x

Leonie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

banban said...

Happy Birthday! You remind me of me at your age. Enjoy being you, enjoy the things that make you smile, you are amazing!

Jess B said...

Happy birthday! No one told me how fast children grow! I can't decide if I like it or dread it...? (PS: Thanks for the follow!)