Friday, July 27, 2012

Lots a lovin'

Loving girls who cook dinner..
Miss 11 is a Masterchef fan and the latest series here in Aussie has only just finished this week.
I didn't even need to buy anything because they told me it was a pantry challenge. Bonus!
Miss 6 was great at peeling apples but cleared out at 'peel the potatoes'
When I asked her what do Masterchef's do when they finish cooking (hint: clean up) she quickly came back with 'step away from the bench' .. funny kid!

we ate Potato topped mince pie.. the rear one is allergy friendly!
and for dessert... a deconstructed apple crumble!
with fresh banana icecream!

The girls peeled, cooked and pureed the apples and made the crumble.

So impressed they could do all this from scratch... so FULL!!!
(so hoping this happens every Friday night!)

Loving that my little Masterchef is taking after her mother....
Finishes cooking and jumps on the couch to do a spot of crochet!

Loving HAPPY mail.. my FAVOURITE NZ magazine
from the lovely Louana at NZ Green Buttons, thanks Louana, it made my day!!

And Loving that this afternoon I found out I won this fabulous giveaway from one of my all time favourite blogs! Check out her fab craft suitcase tutorial, I recently made one for Miss 11's birthday - will blog about it ...soon. Thanks Megan!!!

And we are still LOVING this crazy kittencat Tosca
She had a lot of 'boy' cats hanging around waiting to woo her last week... so this week she had her little 'operation'.
The vet said - keep her quiet, don't encourage her to run, play etc. Um. yeah sure. She is a KITTEN and she's crazy. She's climbing walls, leaping over tables ...all with great big stitches up her tummy! And she's trying to pull out the stitches.. I am seriously considering yarn bombing the cat!

But when she does have a rest, she likes to practice yoga...

phew (huge loving post!!)

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PaisleyJade said...

What a yummy looking meal... and just loving the crochet going on!!

Simoney said...

WOW! Love Junior Masterchef! So so cool.
What a great meal they made.
(And you KNOW what else I am lovin' aye?)

Jennifer said...

Wow Leonie, your girls are very talented! They are definitely taking after their Mum :o) If there was a Masterchef for kids, they would have won it for sure (especially with the presentation of that dessert!!!) :o)
Jennifer x

CHD said...

Love the Master chef dinner. My kids are fans of that show, but that is yet to translate into actually wanting to have a go themselves! Cx

jacksta said...

what talented little munchkins. Cant wait to sit back and relax while the kids cook me dinner. So far they can only do the dishes!

nzgreenbuttons said...

I can't wait till my kids are old enough to get cooking! That all looks so yum :) Glad the magazine arrived! Enjoy!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Awesome effort team Masterchef! Hope my boys are as interested in cooking when they're that age! Yay for you winning the giveaway and love your funny wee cat pic xx

Miriam said...

yum!!! Serious talent to be encouraged. Masterchef we love thee!

Fiona said...

So great to see kids wanting to cook - love the idea of deconstructed apple crumble! And Miss 11's crochet looks fab - love the colours in that granny square!

Bron said...

Totally impressed by your clever cooks....I would keep encouraging that one even if you have to do a little clean up afterwards. x