Monday, August 27, 2012

Book week Parade

Last week our kids had book week at school, with a parade dressed as their favourite characters on Friday.

I'm all for the kids dressing up, but struggle with the idea of buying or hiring expensive costumes.

There was absolutely no doubt that B would be Harry Potter... he is Harry Potter mad. It's not my cup of tea, but him and his friends love it. He even grew his hair for the occasion (lol).

I made his costume and one for his friend while I was at it. The robe took about 10 minutes (seriously) and I'm sure saved us a lot of money. The scarf is made from joining rectangles of red and yellow polar fleece. The t-shirt was a $4 KMart one and the wand and glasses 30% off at costume : $15-18 (and he will use it again. for sure)

I did something that is pretty much unheard of around here - I made it three weeks AHEAD of time! shock horror.

E wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood.  I had seen capes at Best & Less over winter and was pretty happy to pick one up for half price in the sales.
I add a polar fleece hood, picked up a $2 basket from the op shop.. made an apron from an old sheet and a bit of lace and ribbon... Total cost : $15 max.

She doesn't have shoes on in this photo... but wore her converse sneakers...haha, love my girl.

K had two ideas... first she wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz... and then we ending up choosing Pippi Longstocking.
This costume cost a little bit more for the socks and wig (which was a last minute find at Spotlight and not too expensive). The dress was an op shop find a while ago. Total cost $30 (but she will wear the socks again and has a netball disco coming up and they have to dress up in something starting with N or P)
This dress-up suited her personality perfectly!
She even kept the wig on all day.

Yes. these are the crazies I live with.

Does your school do bookweek? What are your favourite character dress ups?
Are your kids like mine and never grow out of dressing up???


jennie said...

SO cool Leonie!
They suit every character and look brilliant!!X

Little Gumnut said...

Oh that last photo is a classic! What great costumes, especially like Pippi's!

Simoney said...

Those are FANTASTIC!!!
so so cool
they all look FAB!

Neetz said...

Oh WELL DONE YOU!! :) Asher has Harry Potter on his list of possible dress ups too...(even though he's never seen any of the movies or read any of the books) hehe.. man.. 3 kids to get ready for book day..and I moan and groan about ONE!! however you are AWESOME and I am...well...not! hehe.
Great job my friend xx

jacksta said...

very cute.
I remember going as Cinderella for one of mine in Primary school

Gail said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I love them all!!!!!! And nice work on the budget savings too!!

Bron said...

Great job with your costumes...phew we have just done ours too this but a little pressured to get it right without spending in my case....nothing.

Gotta love some creativity.x

Craftysquirrel said...

Visiting via mousehouse, like your blog, lots of crafty inspiration.
What a fun idea for dress up, great costumes, my daughter would love to do something like this.