Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Sort It

The lovely Tamar of A Collection of Thoughts, is hosting 'September Sort It' and I thought it was a great idea so I'm joining in! It's just the jump start I need on my long list of works in progress!

September sort it

September Sort it list
1.       Baste, quilt and bind quilt (that has been sitting there for 2+ years!)
2.       Sort out magazines
3.       Find a solution for all the shoes! (and get rid of those kids have outgrown)
4.       Finish blue/red/white granny squares and sew together
5.       Wash all covers on couch and armchairs
6.       Move house (gulp!)
7.       Clean out garage
8.       Spend at least one day, at the beach, on my own, with a book (that’s sorting my own mental wellbeing!)
9.       Make kid’s travel journals for our trip
10.   Wash and put away winter blankets
11.   Start making Christmas gifts
12.   Beanies for kids
13.   Make more cards and send for The Sisterhood project in NZ
14.   Cull blog reader
15.   Write on my .. at least once a week
16.   Paelo cookbook folder (saw this on Mel’s but was something I had been thinking about too)
17.   Return the cookbooks I borrowed from a Mum at school
18.   Give washing machine a deep clean
19.   Read book and write review for Book club
20.   Make bag for K to put her crochet projects in
21.   Make folder with all documents for our holiday
22.   Owl softie for B & E
23.   Finish dresses for E
24.   Finish craft suitcase for E
25.   Sort out photos stored on computer into folders
26.   Take bag of clothes to Salvos
27.   Clean out bathroom cupboard
28.   Water herb garden regularly so it stays alive and plant more herbs
29.   Finish kids library bags
30.   Tidy up craft stuff (does that ever end?)

I'm also endeavouring to make it a 'spend-free' month as we have to save, save, save.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea. I'm willing to bet that my 'to do' list is even longer than your's, Leonie! :o( Sometimes it just seems impossible to get everything done. However I have started a day early (still August here) and sorted and organised all the kids' toys. Probably won't stay that way for long but makes me feel good in the meantime.

Where are you going on your trip??? Is it where I think it is!?!

Jennifer x

Tamar said...

Holy Dooly that is a list and a half !!!! I'm going to send you god sorting vibes every day cause i think you will need them :0 Tamar xx

jennie said...

Such a great idea!
And posting certain things will remind others they need to put them on their list too!xx

TracyP said...

great idea!!
and WOW what a list!!

Anna said...

That's not just a 'getting sorted' list - that's a 'keeping-jolly-darn-busy' list. Good luck. See ya on the other side when we are all SORTED :-)

Vanessa R said...

Great list! Interested to see if you what you work out for #3 - solution for shoes! Please share!
Good luck with your sorting - I'm doing it too!

Sophie Slim said...

Awesome list! I'm thinking I might need to get in on this action! so many ufos

Bron said...

Hey you have already made a start ...good for you. I like the save , save , save month too.

AJ said...

I hear you on Number 30!!