Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coconut (miracle) Oil!

Today my lovely readers, I am going to introduce you to part of what we do in our house to keep healthy. I feel VERY passionately about this so imagine lots of jumping about and waving of hands.

I have been thinking of writing a post about why we use coconut oil for a while....and now I have converted a few friends I thought I would share.

About two years ago, a friend told me about how she'd switched to coconut oil and shared with me why. Interested, I googled 'the benefits of coconut oil' (go on! do it!) And check out the list of benefits on this article...

We then purchased our first jar of coconut oil.
my favourite brand, comes in an awesome jar! 

At first hubby complained that everything tasted like.... coconut (really?!). Personally, I thought it tasted great, especially prawns cooked in coconut oil! Yum!

Well... we are now two years down the track.

We only ever cook with coconut oil, it is the only thing I use on my skin, we use it for sunburn, cuts, burns, dry skin, chapped lips, to smooth my hair. Yep, straight out of the jar.

Lately we use approximately 1 litre of coconut oil per month for our family of five (lots of trialing of Paleo recipes).

Yikes I hear you say, isn't coconut oil saturated fat?

Yes, it is. And despite what you've been told.... saturated fat is NOT the bad fat you've been led to believe. Watch this video (PLEASE) then break out the butter people and (please) throw away the margarine!

I will try to explain (in my words) why WE use coconut oil.

We only buy organic cold pressed coconut oil (a litre costs approx $30 in Australia) and the following reasons are why:

*Coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid (read more about it here)

* Coconut oil has the highest smoke point of any oil (ie. it won't go toxic when you heat it to cook food)

* Coconut oil has a long shelf life (it doesn't go rancid).

* Because it is cold pressed it hasn't undergone any heating that can make other (cheaper seed oils) poisonous (eg. canola, sunflower, etc).

* Coconut oil has anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. Our family is living proof of this. We rarely get sick.

In July last year Miss 11 had a bout of tonsillitis, earlier this year I had a head cold (coincidentally I had just started a new job and had run out of coconut oil three weeks prior!). That's over two years - five people including three primary school aged children. Incredible? Yes!

We NEVER have flu shots and we take almost nothing else (a little vitamin c, some olive leaf occasionally).. we DO eat a mostly fresh 'real' food diet (and I am a big believer in the contribution of real food to health).

This winter while everyone has dropped like flies around us with nasty, nasty flu, we have remained healthy and virus free. I swear it's the coconut oil.
My husband mentioned to me earlier this year, that our kids hardly ever get sick... he agreed, COCONUT OIL!!

Whenever I feel like I am getting a sore throat I grab a teaspoon of coconut oil and down it. Coconut oil is a lovely silky smooth texture that is not hard to swallow straight from the jar. I make a pot of fresh ginger tea, take a swig of olive leaf extract and rest. This works for me every time.

I have to be especially careful not to get sick as with two Autoimmune diseases, leaky gut and asthma I can't take oral antibiotics. Coconut oil is also very healing for the digestive system. Oh yes, this stuff is INCREDIBLE!!

We still use small amounts of olive oil, but never cooked and always cold-pressed, preferably organic. I use olive oil for salad dressing, when making hummus and bread for the rest of the family.

I probably sound like I am preaching, and jumping up and down and waving my arms about (ok, maybe I am..) but it really is incredible stuff and I want everyone to know about it.

Please read this link - it is really great....
Coconut oil - why is it so wonderful?

So I challenge you, check out the benefits of coconut oil, try it and see what you think! And if you are already converted, tell me your favourite thing about coconut oil!


Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

Thanks for this Leonie. I have heard good reports about coconut oil, but it's good to 'hear' from someone who has been using it for a while. My husband has Crohn's, and while he hasn't had a flare-up in quite a few years, it's good to know that coconut oil can help with the symptoms. I was using olive leaf extract for awhile, and felt great, but have been off it for some time. I might have to give this a go. Thanks again.

jennie said...

We are loving it Leonie!
Thank you SO much for recommending it! No colds so far since using it and I just love the smell when we cook with it. (no taste of coconut added to the food)
I would recommend it to everyone!!xx

Kylie said...

I'm going to look into finding where I can get this from here. (any tips on an online place?)
Can I smoother the kids in it as the leave the house on a daily basis. I swear this is the germ capitol of Australia.

Remaliah said...

Ooh! I'm keen! Do you know where is a good place to buy it in NZ? Only if you bought it while you were there, need to work for me!! Thanks for this :)

Lisa said...

oh im def gonna have to try this ! this year we have been sick soooooooooooooooo many i love the smell of yum

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Sounds interesting. I wonder if I can buy a small amount of it here in Hong Kong. I have a mild food intolerance to coconut, so not sure if I could use it long term, I can only try.

Meghan at MNM's said...

Thank you so much for your jumping up and down and waving else would we hear about something so great? I'm off to research best places to get it here :-)

Meghan at MNM's said...

P.s. The NO COLD thing sounds VERY VERY appealing after a terrible year this year!

Tammi said...

We have only been using coconut oil for around 7 mths now but swear by its benefits.
Our daughter had really angry dermatitis on one hand that no amount of prescription medication would clear...after rubbing coconut oil into her hands the evidence of what used to be there is virtually nil.
Best thing ever!

Zara said...

I had heard a bit about coconut oil- I think Tammi did a post on it a while back.
I havent tried it yet. I have however bought my bag of organic coconut sugar- it's lower GI and i have been using it in my morning coffee.

Jennifer said...

I am intrigued... I have never heard of it before!? Have I been living under a rock or is it not a very well known product? I am going to share this with my sis-in-law as well so we can figure out where we can get some to try! Thanks Leonie! x

Neetz said...

Love this post..thanks... gonna try it now too!! :)

Cat said...

AND it is the only oil my massage man uses to massage with !!!

meg said...

You know what, I've had a jar in my pantry for a while (and made a couple of sweet things with it) but never used it for cooking. Reuben is dairy allergic so we do use some margarine but it always seems so nasty and fake.