Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Advent Swap Days 3,4 and 11, 12

Wow, this Advent swap is the BEST swap ever! and I have the most lovely swap partner. Everything is so perfect!

Days 3,4 and 11,12

Beautiful fabric!

Day 4
 A beautiful handstitched angel!

Day 11
Ribbons and choccies.

Day 12

Cute little house decorations! I love the colours!

I feel slightly overwhelmed with this swap! When do us Mum's ever get so spoiled? Every parcel I open I feel the love and warmth Cat has poured into making or choosing the gifts.

Thanks so much Cat x


Cat said...

EXACTLY! When do us Mums get so spoilt! AND not know what is under the tree for us xxx

Glad you are enjoying - do you think I should make this an annual swap and do it again next year?

Max said...

how gorgeous! love the colours, and the fairy is so sweet! we so have to do this EVERY year!

Leonie said...

Noice noice!