Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas makings in my creative space

I know it's only the first day of November, but it is Christmas making central around here.

So here's whats happening in my creative space (or spaces...or most of the living areas in our house!)
 Pretty crochet hooks

'armless sock monkeys

Addicted to making these crochet rose brooches

loads of yo yo trees

Some relaxing stitching

I'm joining in here

And over at instagram and facebook for #amonthof #mycreativespace


Renee said...

LOVE those rose brooches!! You're so very clever, and also motivated with all of your Christmas creating. I'm very much stuck in a rut re Christmas this year.

Sorry I haven't been in touch recently - but would love to get together one Wednesday for a bit of chat and crochet/craft/sewing :) Let me know which Weds suits you best.

Not long until you guys go on your fabulous holiday!!!!

Katie said...

Wow - so much awesome making :-) Love the sock monkeys and hope we get the see a finished picture too! Crochet hooks are cute as well!

Max said...

Oh my look at all those sock monkeys!!! I'd have to start in january to do all that i suspect, but i do love how handmaking christmas legitamately extends that christmas feeling by a month or so x

jennie said...

So much colour here, gorgeous!
I'm loving the polka dot hooks best of course!!lol

Miriam said...

wow prolific!!! YOu are certainly achieving lots

Cat said...

Such pretty pretty colours and lovely makings !! !!
How did you do the crochet hooks?

Ange said...

Oh, those little trees are so pretty!

suzy hausfrau said...

Wow you go girl! I'm feeling a bit jealous of Christmas head start tho ;)

Bron said...

You are making great headway into the Christmas prep. well done