Thursday, November 22, 2012


Excitement is brewing in our house as we count down the sleeps to our big USA adventure next week.

Tonight we are going to have a small 'Thanksgiving' meal. To honour the country we are about to visit, and because I also think it is a really awesome celebration to adopt.

I know its the wrong time of the year for the true spirit of Thanksgiving, but we are concentrating on the THANKS part of it :)
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We feel so blessed and privileged to have this opportunity to take our three children on a holiday, to have precious family time together, but also for our children to meet the wonderful family I lived with as an exchange student when I was 18  years old.

We are a family of very humble means.
This is BIG HUGE MASSIVE for us.

For two years we have lived in limbo, praying and hoping for that elusive job for hubby in NZ, home. All of our 'stuff' was shipped back to NZ two years ago. 

Everything we have here is gifted or thrifted. Friends have been very generous and our finds have been awesome. However, we all miss the little things, our treasures, photo albums, all the little touches that are ours. 

Two years is a long time to live like this and coupled with my bouts of depression and health problems it is not surprising that a few months ago it all became a bit too much. I was clutching for what our future may hold.

And this is how this holiday has come about. It is our first 'real' family holiday since our 9 year old was born.

All our holidays and savings in the last 5 years have been used to go home to NZ...and as other expats will tell you, its not a holiday. It is chaotic as you feel pulled in different directions. It is LOVELY seeing family and friends but we always come home exhausted.

So as we prepare and count down to this awesome break, I am taking a moment to think about how thankful I am, for this beautiful little family I have and the opportunity to spend some time exploring our big wide world together.

I hope you will follow our journey because I am sure to pop up a few photos on here and instagram... hehe who am I kidding, I'll be putting TONS of photos up!!


Miriam said...

have a wonderful, restful, restful, exciting, replenishing time xxxx

jacksta said...

have a fab time Leonie~

Max said...

have a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing and seeing your adventures x

CHD said...

You are going to have the best time...and may never want to come back! I'm sure your kids will love it too. Cx

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Have a fabulous time. I look forward to your IG photos :)
I so hear you, going on "holiday" to my home town (or that of my hubsands) is NO holiday. I declared last year we are having a holiday this year - I need a holiday!

Neetz said...

Of course we'll be following you <3 With a little hint of jealousy (hehe) and envy and all of those things, but mostly so very happy for you all to be having some great quality time together, with lots of love and laughter and creating amazing memories that you will be able to look back on in your lives. God bless you and keep you safe and in great health over there xxxx