Thursday, November 29, 2012

The girl with the golden hair

Our youngest is 7 years old today!

How did that happen? It seems like a split second ago she was this teeny little baby

Since starting school two years ago our young Miss has blossomed and grown. She is an avid reader and has the most beautiful handwriting. Her teacher this year adored her, for her quiet confidence and impeccable manners.

When she finished school for the year on Tuesday my mother's heart was touched when everyone in the class wanted to hug her and wish her well for her big holiday. They prayed a blessing over her and sent her safely on her way.

From the moment I held her in my arms I was besotted with this little one...and seven years later, I still am.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl


Remaliah said...

She's a beauty! What a beautiful heart she has too. Have a great day celebrating her!

jacksta said...

The older kids look so cute in the pic of the three of them together!

Miriam said...

happy birthday - beautiful girl!

Leonie said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl!