Monday, December 10, 2012

A life long experience

In 1989 I was 18 years old. I boarded a plane for my first trip overseas. It was to be the most formative year of my life, a year living with another family in the mid west of the USA.

I struck it so lucky and had a wonderful host family. Two brothers, two sisters. How my host Mom coped with 5 teenagers in the house I'll never know!

Seven years ago hubby and I travelled back to the USA to visit. Within an hour of arriving my host Dad said it felt like no time had passed at all. We had a wonderful, but very short stay. 

Tomorrow we will drive from San Diego to Tucson (where many of my host family now live) to spend three weeks with them! I am so excited. 

ALL of my host family will be there for Christmas and they will all meet our children.

For me, this is the highlight of our trip. It is hard to describe our relationship, but I like to call them part of my extended family.

Can't wait!

Ps. Thank you to my faithful commenters, it is lovely to get your comments, sometimes it can feel like you are just writing to yourself and I must admit, if it weren't for you guys I'd close my blog. I have felt really disheartened this year and pretty much invisible so I appreciate those who take the time.

I apologise if my comments are few and far between on others posts while we are traveling, the iPad is a bit hit and miss when it comes to commenting and has a habit of freezing mid comment.


Cat said...

Loving following your journey on here :)
Can't wait to read next post ;)
Keep smiling - take the good learn from the bad and move forward

CHD said...

You are not invisible. Please keep posting when you can. I'm so enjoying living vicariously through your travels. Have a wonderful, slower paced time over the next few weeks. Staying with people and experiencing the real life is the best. Cx

Meghan at MNM's said...

What an amazing experience you are all having and so special to be able to share this time with your USA family - wow - I am so enjoying all your posts and instagram pics xx

Jess B said...

I am really enjoying hearing about your travels! Your children are beautiful and look like they are having such a great time! I can just imagine how much you must be looking forward to staying with your old host family - how special. I love how 'family' is never just blood, but can always be applied to so many people in the richness of our lives.

jennie said...

So so wonderful that you had a great family to stay with, and to have kept in contact all this time AND be able to visit - so special! I hope you guys have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas, loads of love from us!XXXOOO

Sammy said...

Dear girl you are one of the least invisible women I know. You are brim full of life and love and laughter. I am SO enjoying your holiday with you xxx

Max said...

That sounds wonderful-how lovely you have all kept in touch. I dont always comment (its so hard from an iphone) but im always reading x

TracyP said...

I can't wait to see pictures and hear more about your other family!

Leonie said...

What a special and amazing journey for you all. Keep smiling - there is always a light and always a learning. x

Jennifer said...

Well, I might not be able to *see* you, but I have certainly been thinking of you most days, knowing we're in the same country right now! :o) I just tried to look at your Instagram pics though, and I guess because I don't belong to it, they are 'invisible' to me :o(

Have a wonderful time with your other family in Tuscon!
Jennifer x

Michelle said...

I have loved following your journey on Instagram. Have a wonderful Christmas!!