Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best and worst things we packed

Packing to go on holiday can be a huge task and this trip I wanted to streamline things as much as possible. I think i did pretty well. We had two suitcases and a carry on bag each, for five people, for five weeks, plus a car seat as Miss 7 legally has to be in one in California and Arizona.

So I have made a little list of the best and worst things we brought with us. The best outweighs the worst by a long shot so I think I planned well!


1. A $6 double adapter plug from Kmart! Most electrical appliances these days have dual voltage so we can charge the camera battery, iPods, iPad and hubby's shaver!

2. The iPad. Awesome beyond words. Precise travel directions, easy keeping in touch with home, Facebook, instagram, checking weather and even local time. Best of all it's small, light and easy to carry. We have loved the free wifi at hotels and a fabulous man named James helped us set up the cellular at AT&T. (and the fingerprints all over it are free).
(the first person to figure out where I am going shopping today and comment, will get a little something in the mail from that store! *hint, look at the iPad screen)
2b. The camera connector for the iPad. Easy, small, awesome.
3. The kids iPod touches. We debated purchasing these for ages, but they have proved their weight in gold. Handy for airports, waiting for shows at Disneyland, free wifi in the hotels and for when they need a little downtime.
4. Utensils. Yes I bought my Tupperware microwave jug, a knife and can opener. When you have multiple food allergies, eating out is a nightmare. Being hungry is horrible, especially when walking around up to 12 hours a day! We stocked up at the supermarket, then used the hotel fridge and microwave.

5. Children's pain relief. We use it sparingly, but so handy to have. Especially having a brand you know and trust on hand.

6. Comfortable trainers are worth their weight in gold! These slightly funky smelling shoes have done a fair few kilometers in recent weeks.
7. For me, a black wrap dress and black leggings. So comfortable and dress it up or dress it down with a scarf, throw on a jacket to keep warm. It also washes and dries pretty quick.


1. Pillow pets! What a bad decision! Waste of space! Ugh! They annoy the crap out of me. Lol.

2. Too many clothes, although I did pack things the kids were almost grown out of so we'll do some donating to a thrift store. When I packed at home I then halved it, but it's so hard to know exactly what to pack when you are going from a super hot summer to winter.

3. Water bottles. Buying water here is cheap. Even at Disneyland a bottle of water is cheaper than at the shops in Australia or NZ.


I am still in two minds about the DSLR camera. I am certain I will be happy I did when we get home and I have a stack of great photos...'s heavy to lug around and I'm no expert photo taker. I am sure I will be glad we did, it has been well used... One 8gb card -full. One 4 gb card -full. Yikes!

What are your best and worst things you've packed for a trip?



Sima J said...

YAY nice to read from you .. def agree that the tablet was a great thing to bring as we've been able to see where you've been and keep in touch :-) And better to have too MANY clothes than not enough surely ;-) I dunno where you're gonna go shopping? Maybe Typo?? Continue to have a GREAT trip lovely lady!! xoxo

CHD said...

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store, I think it says. I thought it would be a fabric/craft store or an op-shop. Have fun. When I go to the states I always travel as light as possible going over and bring back my maximum luggage allowance. I bought 2 new suitcases last time to carry the shopping back (all planned and a bargain). Have fun! Cx

Miss Becky-Boo said...

Great post! Good to know what works and what doesn't for my imaginary trip to America! Hehe. Jo-annes Fabric and Craft Shop!

Miriam said...

I love these kind of recommendations - looks like I've been piped at the post but have a GREAT time at Jo-Anns I'm sure you will xx

TracyP said...

JO-Anns!!!!! But I see someone else beat me to it!!
Have a FANTASTIC time!!!

Selina said...

You will be glad you took the DSLR, trust me! I almost filled a 4gb in France, and I wish I had of taken more photos! I look at the ones I got and think I really wish I had of taken more, even just the ordinary ones, I was too busy thinking about getting "great" shots (I did study photography at UNI though!) So glad you guys are having a great time! xx

Neetz said...

Great post... Oh there are far too many things that I packed when we went to the UK that I ended up ditching before we even got there.. in Thailand I think I left a whole lot of stuff!! LOL

I got so sick of the same ol same ol same ol clothes day in and day out though..and ended up splashing out and then we had to send back boxes of stuff that we had bought..haha.

Lyndel said...

fantastic blog topic, thank you. Been a long time since I did any traveling (2004), pre-iAnything days! I do try to only take black and white clothes, so much easier to mix and match.