Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some random thoughts on traveling with children (part A)

I tried not to have too high expectations about travelling with the kids and as adults we have to keep reminding ourselves that this is huge for them.

So far, this is what I have learned

1. When you think you have kicked Jet Lags butt, your kids will remind you that you haven't (a night of everyone awake).

2. Pillow pets are a huge waste of space. However, a special (small) cuddly toy or three, is very important.

3. Turning 7 the day after you do a long haul flight might sound exciting in theory, but the reality is you will cry. A lot. And strollers are too small for lanky long 7 year olds. But all will be right with the world if you wear sparkly shoes to dinner.

4. Fire engines and paramedics drive past inner Hollywood hotels at an alarming frequency, with sirens, horns and loud speakers going! this wakes sleeping children who are not used to noise.

5. Children see things we often miss in our hurry through life. It pays to take the time to listen and see it through their eyes. (eg. Jim Henson building around the corner from our hotel).

6. Homeless people and begging is very confronting to an 11 year old. We have constantly reassured and discussed.

7. Kids need DOWNTIME. As exciting as it is to see and do so many things, kids need a break. They need a chance to play, swim, watch tv. Play on their iPods with the free wifi.

8. Many things will be an assault on the kids senses. The day we arrived we went to the Hollywood walk of fame. Outside Graumanns Chinese theatre it is insane. There are people coming from you in all directions, trying to give you cd's, enticing kids to have pictures with their favourite characters (for which you are expected to pay) tour operators trying to entice you on their tour. I could see our kids wariness growing and the pleas to go back to the hotel started, sadly, it took the shine off their experience.

9. Bed hopping will become a fairly regular nighttime occurrence. We have finally found a combination of sharing that works for us, funnily enough, the smallest is the hardest to share with, although I LOVE her impromptu cuddles.

10. Food. We talked to the kids about food choices before we came away. It is quite terrifying reading the labels of some foods here. We have encouraged them to make healthy, fresh food choices. However, there have been stomach upsets due to so much processed and different food.

11. You will visit the toilet approximately 54376892 times a day.

12. When standing in a queue for a ride at Disneyland for 20 minutes, you can guarantee 2 minutes before you reach the ride at least one or two children will be bursting for the toilet! (regardless if they've just been). Convincing them they can hang on until after the ride works wonders, because then, surprisingly, they no longer need to go. Nerves.

13. Despite being at the happiest place on earth, there will still be meltdowns, squabbles and tears. Like I said, this is huge. 8-12 hours a day of theme parks is huge, day after day.

14. It will rain.

14. Your kids will constantly amaze you!
15. Everyone, will be exhausted when the Mum wants to shop :( (lol

16. 7, 9 and 11 years are perfect ages to take on this trip!

Love these beautiful children of ours.

We are loving our trip, and the fact we are sharing this adventure with our children. In a few days the pace will slow down and we will have three weeks to relax.

At the moment, we don't want to miss a thing!


Cat said...

Travelling with children is so different to travelling as a couple :)
So lovely following you in your journey -
Down time is really important ;)

TracyP said...

LOVE this post!! When we travelled to USA it was with only one child but I can totally relate to what you have said!

jennie said...

What gorgeous children you have L!!
I wish we had been there when the girls were older. E was only 4 and G in the tummy!lol XXX

CHD said...

Loving your pictures and so pleased it ia all going pretty well. What wonderful memories that are being made for your family. Cx

Stella Rutherford said...

Great list! I hope to travel with my kiddos when they're older, and this has inspired me! Enjoy the rest of your trip x

Simoney said...

Brilliant. I am loving seeing your pic on FB and Instagram! Memories for a lifetime... (and goosebumps for me)