Friday, January 13, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Yay, for having back Things Im Loving @ Paisley Jade

Loving ...

the beach on New Years day....
Parks at the beach

The beach a couple of days later... different day, different beach... how lucky are we???
Crafting with the lovely Renee ...
my little recycled materials owl which is going on a journal cover

Google Chrome!! After persisting with Internet explorer for so long I was forced to upgrade when it shut me out of blogger... wow, what a difference! Speed, better look... stoked!!

Air Conditioning!! The last three days in Brisbane have been scorchers!!  HOT HOT HOT!! Its the weather of swimming pools and iceblocks! 
Yesterday at 4.30pm it was over 37 C! And night time isn't a whole lot cooler with our low being around 25C .
So LOVING the air conditioning this week! And appreciating the beautiful weather we are so lucky to have this summer.

On a more somber note, this week last year was quite a different story in Brisbane.... the floods had devastated 75% of Queensland and beautiful Brisbane was under water.  It is still about recovery in many parts and for many people, but it is amazing how far it has come. You can read about my take on it here and here and here.

This week we are remembering and praying for all those who lost their lives, loved ones and their homes and memories, in the floods.

Even more reason to celebrate this hot summer without rain.

What are you loving???

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Going back to Magic Land

Last week we took the kids into the city to visit GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art)

It was a fantastic school holiday activity!

The exhibitions at the moment are amazing and we fell in love with 'We miss you magic land'

We loved the interactive part

We also loved the Yayoi Kusama exhibition!!

this room, may have been my favourite!! I mean, whats not to love????? red and white polka dots, yes please!

And the Obliteration room.... this room started out as a completely white room, with everything in it white. As you enter you are given a sheet of stickers...and you can stick them ANYWHERE (within the room)

 a little bit of help from her tall daddy...

What a totally cool idea!

And then we had a look 'heavily guarded' giant wooden rainbow.

I was so excited to do a little blogger spotting at GoMA and decided to be brave and go and say hello to the lovely Tamar and her beautiful girls. I have followed Tamar's blog for quite some time and talk via twitter sometimes. I really admire her amazing strength through the journey she is taking at the moment and was so lucky to meet her in person.

We then wandered through the State Library and found free crafting activities for the kids
Making a robot....

we finished it off with lunch in the South Bank parklands and a swim....

If you live in these parts, make sure you go and check out the exhibitions they run until early March 2012 and are well worth visiting!!!

And there's a double meaning to my title.. because this time a year ago our beautiful city was flooded and it was in a way going back to the place we find so magical and beautiful!

What are you doing for school holiday fun??