Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh Deer... my creative space

This little crochet project has taken me quite some crocheting time is very limited of late

A little deer (which is actually much bigger than it looks).

I made if from this amazing Amigurumi book I borrowed from the library.

I saw the deer, fell in love, rushed out to buy all the wool and bits and pieces... sat down to start it and realised it was an ADVANCED pattern...eek!! (I am still a novice crocheter!)

But my perseverance paid off and now it is completed.... the amigurumi was the easy part...putting it together with a crazy kitten was the tough part!!!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Loving ... and never say never

Lots to love this week!

So many positive things are happening for our family at the moment.

Who thought that only a mere few months ago I vowed and declared I would NEVER go back to work full time and NEVER put my kids in after school care. Well, yes I did. And I've said it for years. Turns out it works really well for all of us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new workplace, it's a really positive environment with excellent facilities, training and people. I LOVE using my brain again (and boy has it been getting a workout). And the bonus is the kids have settled into after school care beautifully.

Our weeks are 'full on' but it forces us to be organised and things go much more smoothly than I ever imagined.

Last weekend we moved (yep, great timing huh 10 days into a new job!) to a new rental... one without airconditioning in the heat of Brisbane's summer... I said I'd NEVER EVER live in a house without air conditioning... lol...

.....and our living area still looks like this.. yep I know, shocking, but keeping it real people!!

We also welcomed into our family a beautiful new addition... the beautiful Miss Tosca (from the equally beautiful Lisa ... you should go say hi to Lisa it was her birthday this week!)
Miss Tosca is a beautiful wee kitten who has stolen our hearts and is settling in nicely. She has made a few escape attempts, like at 8am into the park next door, in the gardens, under the bushes... yep, me running around in my work clothes bravely ducking under plants and trees (something I'd prefer not to do in Australia!!)

The best thing is how this boy of mine is learning about pets. He was terrified of all animals and even of little wee Tosca when she arrived, tonight he is confidently cuddling her and its so cool to see the benefit of having a pet for him.
excuse the hair cut, his mother put the wrong guide on the hair clippers... oops! at least its nice and cool, right?
I'm also loving that tomorrow my hubby and I celebrate 12 years of marriage. It's seems to have gone so fast! We are fortunate enough that a dear friend is having our children for the afternoon and overnight .. but we are still undecided about what to do!!! Suggestions!!

I'm also loving that last week I got a new car *whoop whoop*.  A pretty blue one, whom we have named 'Cookie Monster'....

So that's us, lots to love and not much time to blog about it!!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Things Im loving...

My kids... this week its all about them, as we focus on our little family for a while... there are big changes in our lives and our family unit really is the most important focus at this time.

Loving... This wee girl of ours... the kids were given $1 each to buy an ice block at school.. she came home and said, I didn't buy an ice block... I put the money in the Project for Compassion box in my classroom....

I've said to my hubby before, this child will be a Philanthropist... she has such a heart for kindness and giving. Love it. She then came home and emptied her wallet to add to the collection tomorrow.

Loving.. this girl's excitement over winning two 'thirds' at the swimming carnival and getting her netball trophy at the end of summer season.

Loving that this boy has made a huge effort in contributing to my return to work. His attitude, his effort, his love.. they have also filled my heart. Every morning he is up early, dressed for school, organising his breakfast, helping with chores - its fantastic!

Grateful and blessed.

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