Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Crafting space

This past week I have been creating my crafting space so I can start crafting and joining in again with My creative space each week.

I thought you might like a little glimpse (while it's still tidy... except for the dust bunnies on the floor - oops, keeping it real here!) of my space. 

Most of our furniture and my crafting stuff is in New Zealand and as such I have had to thrift almost everything in my craft room (which makes it eclectic and mine).

The big exception of course is the much desired Expedit bookcase from IKEA. I have wanted one of these for about 4 years! Of course I found one in damaged packaging in the 'as is' section and saved myself over $40 (yep. why pay full price?).

It fits perfectly along a wall of our second living area (which is now my craft space). 

It is filled with things I love ... wool...

(My favourite most used is A Home Companion by Wendyl Nissen and loving the new one 'Down to Earth' from Rhonda Hetzel!)

Button's from Meghan and coasters from Kristy....

I love wooden cotton reels and these were such a find at the local markets.

Yummy fabrics....

The leaning tower of vintage suitcases
My BEST second hand buy in the last twelve months! An old armoire which was already painted this pretty blue... for  $8 people!!!!
Hanging above is bunting from last years bunting swap and postcards/cards from the very clever and talented Jennie and Dee.

My tree of brooches. I love them. Each has a story and a meaning to me. I try to wear one every day.
And the kittencat
She just loves to craft.

The sewing table... lacking in the chair department at this stage, but I know the perfect chair is out there waiting at an op shop or garage sale for me to take it home and pretty it up for my craft space.

Joining in with My Creative spaces here.