Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Giveaway Week : Day three

Last night I went to see Les Miserables.
Wow. I loved it!!! 
Have you seen it?? If you haven't, make sure you do. 
An incredible story, incredible cast. wow.

Today's giveaway is for those of you who love yarn (and crochet).

Late last year I started making some polymer crochet hook handles. I sent a few to friends to try out and made Miss 11 a set of rainbow hooks for Christmas

My dear friend Jennie and I exchanged some hooks for some of her beautiful Koala brooches which I gifted to my American family. LOVE these. Jennie is one gifted and talented lady!
(in my excitement of wrapping them for Christmas, gifting them and all the excitement of that I didn't take photos of all of them! sorry Jennie, but they are MUCH loved!!!)

Today's prize is a ball of 100% cotton yarn from the USA and a polymer handled crochet hook.
You can choose what hook colour you would like :)
I bought a 'little' bit of polymer clay in the USA... so there are heaps of colours to choose from
Hehe, it was soooooo cheap!! About 1/5th of the price!

Leave a comment, including the hook colour you'd like and I'll draw it with the other giveaways on 31 January.

I have a bit of post holiday blues going on today so if you can leave a comment that makes me laugh, you'll get double the entries!

Don't forget to enter the giveaways of day 1 and 2 as well!



Sophie Slim said...

Okay this one I REALLY WANT TO WIN!! Have you thought about selling these??? How much would you charge??

Last night when I was working on another doily with my teeny 3.0mm aluminum hook I thought "if only I had one of leonies spotty hooks"!!!

I think its fate that i win this. No one else need apply! ;)


intermittentblogger said...

Agree with Sophie! You totally have to sell these!

I would LOVE a crochet hook for Isabella - she's super crafty and would be thrilled to have a crochet hook of her own (and such a pretty one). Her fave colours are pink and purple :)

Cat said...

I LOVE these hooks and because I am the very lucky owner of two you must give my entry to Sophie simply because her comment made me giggle *no one else need to apply*

Miriam said...

I don't crochet but I thought I'd offer you this lame joke which happens to be mine and the hubbies favourite (which shows you how immature we are!!)
'What did one leg say to the other?
Don't talk to that one in the middle he's a d*ck'

Louana McCormack said...

I love these, do you bake them in the oven? I don't think I could ever go to the states, the crafting bargains would cost me a fortune in excess baggage!

I'm not feeling the funny here today, but my son just asked for spaghetti - he calls it scuba-dee :)

Kylie said...

Just a FEW packets I see. That should keep you busy for a while Mrs G.
If I am the lucky winner you can surprise me.

Christine said...

How come anything with polka dots is super cute??? :) I think I need to win... cause I'm sure a polka dot crochet hook would help me learn to crochet better than any other hook :) hehe!! And all the colours are cute :)

Quilt Kitty said...

Gosh I haven't played with Fino since I will a little tacker in Nelson. I am thinking the yellow would feed my growing yellow fetish. It is so nice to have pretty tools to craft with. Tracee xx

Claudia said...

Love the colours in that yarn! A hook with similar colours would be really fun.

Leonie said...

Haha Miriam and Sophie! I really want to learn to work with clay someday!

Nikki said...

I have been in absolute awe of these since I saw them last year on your blog! I'd like purple colour! If you count me and Sophie in, then you can just make 2 ;)

Kimberley Atkinson said...

These hooks are gorgeous ! I'd love one and the cotton - would make cute dishcloths with them!

CHD said...

I love your hooks and the green one I already have (thank you!). I've never crocheted with cotton before. Hook colour I'd like would probably be red or a surprise would be just as good. Thanks for such a generous giveaway week. Loving your new look too! Cx

Fay said...

Love the hooks especially the yellow one, so bright and happy.

hollymayb said...

No way! Now, you know I'm a crochet NUT. This would be the bestest win everer for me. Favourite colour, probably the green dotty, or the red dotty, or the yellow dotty or the blue....


Tartankiwi said...

Oh my oh my! These are too cute!
Now I must admit to being a bit of a reject crocheter, BUT having one of these amazing crochet hooks would definitely give me the impetus to improve my skills. I reckon that if I were to win a red and white polkadot one I'd just have to make myself a red and white polkadot laminated cotton craft caddy to carry it in don't you think?!

Kelly E said...

when it comes to crochet I'm literally all thumbs - look at all that fimo!

Katie said...

Love your collection of Fimo! I'd love to win one of your hooks - maybe purple with polka dots but you have so many purples you could just surprise me with any of them :-) You should set up shop and sell them. I would totally buy a rainbow set!
Thanks for the chance to win

lusks said...

Love the hooks, just a vatiety of colours. Hope I am lucky.