Thursday, January 17, 2013

On stepping back and encouraging creativity & giveaway week day 4

I am learning to step back and let my eldest daughter create.
Without my input.
Without my direction.
Without my unwanted 'wisdom' (ha!).

My beautiful 11.5 year old loves to create. Since her kindy days we have been inundated with paintings, drawings, knitted, sewn and now crocheted creations.
She lives to create.
I know how that feels.

I adore her creativity and willingness to try new things and learn as she goes

I HAVE to step back and let her learn on her own, her successes and failures.

Yesterday she whipped up a sock monkey I had started. I marvelled at her precise stitching.

Yesterday she is made clothes for her monkey. On MY sewing machine (breathe, breathe, breathe). She has her own sewing machine, but there is something exciting about using Mum's.
Her Monkey ended up with some new clothes...and then she crocheted it a bikini.

I am in awe of her creativity, passion and confidence.
Her room is scattered with origami
little toys she has designed and sewn
It was her choice for today's giveaway.
She encourages her friends to sew, craft, create and is encouraged by her friends who think like she does.

Today's giveaway is a kit to make your own doll.

Leave a comment and the giveaway will close on 31 January.

If you haven't already, enter day one, two and three!!



Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

She obviously takes after her talented mama! She's so clever, love the crocheted bikini for her monkey :)
My niece would looooove this little kit, so count me in please x

jacksta said...

how cool is she. Her sock monkey was better than mine!
I got Miss joy a sewing kit for her Xmas present, and Im sure she would love me to enter into this comp for her :)

Leonie said...

What a girl! My 5 year old is pretty much the same - always making and creating using whatever she can find! Well done you for encouraging and supporting - its just wonderful :)

CHD said...

I hope my little Miss will be as creative as her and that I'll be able to just let her go as you do- that will be a struggle. She's done a great job. Such a great give away too.

Sophie Slim said...

oH MY GOODNESS. i can't believe that is the talents of an 11 year old girl! Obviously you have helped nurture that - teach her to crochet, sew etc - but WOW!

What does she want to do "when she grows up"??


Widge said...

huge smile at the bikini! and then I was in total awe at the outfit complete with key necklace! wow!!

Sammy said...

The apple does not fall far from the tree does it, Mrs Talented Leonie! Love the bikini xxx
And please enter me in the draw!

Christine said...

She is so clever! I'm sure her sock monkey looks better than any thing I could make :) I'd love the kit to do with my little lady... she wants to make things too! :)

TracyP said...

she definitely takes after you Leonie!! Loads of talent!!
I will have to eventually do the stepping back with Abbey, she is a crafty girl too.

Miriam said...

I love this post Leonie - I'd love you to link it up on Monday to BMWB - I think letting our kids create without too much guidance is key to developing their own sense of creativity. Good for you!

Neetz said...

Awww way to go awesome girl <3 She's very clever and could teach me a thing or 5! :)

The kit looks AWESOMe too.. :)

Kelly E said...

aww I remember being her age and very much the same (although sock monkeys weren't around then!) She can crochet?!?! so jealous

Simoney said...

She is so clever... just like her mama (but don't let me win this one cos you know I don't sew)

Louana McCormack said...

I love this, often I have to step back and let Eloise make her own mistakes while crafting, it's hard, but I'm getting better at it! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Leonie! Wow, your daughter is very crafty and clever (not surprising with such a creative Mum as you!) I hope my little girl will love crafting as much as I do when she is older...

So, funnily enough, it's on my list of goals to make a doll from scratch and after I saw this giveaway I just had to enter - this kit would be good motivation and a fun project for me (and with such good instructions it would HAVE to turn out right... right?) :o)

Congrats on your blogging milestone! Love the new look!

Jennifer x

ayngela said...

WOW she is so talented!!!

lusks said...

What a clever girl. Congrats on your 500th.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

A monkey in a bikini! All hand made.

Now that has made my day!

Kylie said...

I love the monkey in the red two piece:) Following in her mumma's shoes:)