Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reminder to enter giveaways

I'm feeling a bit shattered today and we've had another crazy weekend with a cyclone tearing through the South East of Queensland,

We, again, are so lucky. No damage, no flooding, we even have power (unlike many of my friends). The worst that happened to us is losing phone and internet coverage. They are still working on it. But hey, if that's all we have to worry about, we are very very lucky.

Our kids head back to school tomorrow. All I have to say is ..nine weeks is a LONG time (regardless of amazing, fabulous, awesome holidays).

Just wanted to remind you to enter the giveaway week. All of the them are open to everyone, you don't have to follow me or anything silly. Just comment on the ones you want to win!
All of them close on 31st January.

Day 1 - crobot
Day 2 - crochet dishclothes
Day 3 - crochet cotton and hook
Day 4 - Doll Kit
Day 5 - Toiletries pouch

And what is a post without a picture

here is the beautiful and surprisingly colourful landscape of the Arizona Desert


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Holly said...

Wow I love that photo! Very cool! I'm off to Around the Table too! :)