Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday snippets

I'm joining in with Sunday Snippets this week for the first time.

Our week has been all about keeping cool in the heat. Its been up around 35C all week and only drops to about 26C at night. After 5 weeks in the US winter it's a bit of a shock!!

These run constantly

The fluffy cat is barely coping...spending her days and night lying like this (nice cobweb on my wall. just for you!)

She then rolls over and has a drink...(too hot to stand apparently)
It's been pretty smoky in the afternoons and evenings due to bush fires in the area.

Im back to eating Paleo (slipped up a bit on holiday) and it really is the BEST thing for me. So easy to follow when you know its doing so much healing.
and finally... today I got a new phone! squeal! 
much anticipated, long awaited. So very spoilt.
of course it needed a case...
Make sure you come back to see me tomorrow, I have a surprise and a new look :)

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jacksta said...

ooh new phone!

planettreasures said...

Poor kitty, such a long warm coat, not wonder he's flopped!

TracyP said...

LOVING your new phone and the case!!!

Leonie said...

hope you're coping in the heat and smoke! and whoohoo for new phones!

Cat said...

Wahooo for a new phone and oh gosh the heat here is something so I imagine it is quite something for you also

Just FYI your button isn't linking across to Elizabeth?

Elizabeth said...

LOVING that phone!

Your poor wee puss! It has been pretty stinkin' hot here, but we're averaging 26 during the day - I can't imagine trying to sleep in that heat!

Thanks for linking in :-)!

Hootnz said...

Oh I feel for you and that I am begging for rain to fill our tank! Love the new simplified look x

Amy said...

Oh my, your cat is SO funny! Poor pussy though, it does look rather hot. I remember days spent living under a ceiling fan in Townsville in the heat and humidity, and now back in NZ we think we are hard done-by if the temperature is over 25! Grin.