Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Snippets

Wow! what a busy week we've had.
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and support for my giveaways.

Remember you can enter until the 31 January if you haven't already.

1. We've been swimming
2. sewing sock monkeys
3. spending time with friends in beautiful places
4. making yummy Lamington cupcakes using this great recipe
5. laughing at signs in the supermarket that aren't well thought out
6. keeping cool under the hose
7. monthly blood test for me
8. crochet, tea and time with a good friend
9. baking bread rolls
10. working on projects (vintage sheet quilt I started 18 months ago)
11. crochet dishcloths
12. twirling in skirts
13. eating hot pumpkin soup while drinking iced tea
14. making her brother a sock monkey (called Sock-er)
15. Finishing a crochet/sewn dress for Miss 7 I started a looooong time ago
16. Finding a scrappy skirt Mummy made three years ago that still fits

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Joining in with Elizabeth


Renee said...

OMG - that dishcloth looks great!!! Could you please teach me how to make it?

Sima J said...

LOVE the skirt .. so cute and really nice colours!!

dear molly said...

I really do adore the scrappy skirt Leonie and what a great use for all the bits and pieces from other projects. Our daughter has asked me to make her a vintage sheet quilt so along with the one I want to make for myself, I'll be rather busy.
Looks like you guys are enjoying the remainder of your holidays.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE your new look - gorgeous!

Laughed so hard at the Supermarket sign as well!

Sounds like a fun-filled week for all there... swimming and baking, got to be good!

Leonie said...

Looks like a happy busy week x