Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh how I love thee Pinterest

I'm such a pinterest junkie. I LOVE that site. All of the pretties, the inspiration, the tutorials!!!
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A little while ago I stumbled across this gorgeous cross stitch canvas.

Which led me to this beautiful blog...Solgrim  and the instructions to make it.

It immediately made me think of my beautiful friend Cat with it's Cath Kidston style flowers.

I painted the canvas with some left over paint from my daughters bed (Dulux Laguna Teal because I know you are going to ask) and with some graph paper and some coloured pencils made my pattern (using the one in the tutorial).

I then taped it to the canvas with masking tape and punched holes in all the squares with a needle.

Stitching was quite hard work pushing it through the canvas (and paint) but I love how it turned out.

Of course I gifted it to the lovely lady who inspired me to make it, Cat.

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Jess B said...

It's beautiful Leonie! I am off to check out the tutorial for myself!

Sammy said...

Wow! That is seriously beautiful! And very worthy of Cat, hehe! Well done you xx

Miriam said...

it looks gorgeous - I bet she loved it!

Leonie said...

Its gorgeous!

jacksta said...

oh! Silly me.I thought you had made a cross stitch and then secured it to the canvas.
looks pretty

nz green buttons said...

It's very cool! I have pin of a wall painted like cross stitch roses, it's amazing - damn you pinterest filling my head with amazing ideas!

Hootnz said...

That is so awesome, loved this :) so clever, and brilliant choice of colours!

Simoney said...

VEry very nice x

Max said...

Love it, great colours x

Jenny Young said...

THAT is awesome - go you! I will have to give this a go some time :)