Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This year we are doing themed birthday dinners for our kid's birthdays and Miss 12 chose a theme we all love! Mexican Fiesta (although I was quite happy to settle for a Mexican Siesta).

Most of this came together on the day or night before... such a procrastinator.

We put the Mexican blanket we bought on the border of Mexico to good use as a table cloth. Bright plates for the food and brown paper place mats.

Tissue paper and tulle pom poms and lanterns filled the ceiling above the table for lots of bright colour.

Miss 12 and I made some mini Pinata donkeys (from here) to hang down and for each of her friends to take home.
I also (foolishly) made mini amigurumi cacti (using this pattern) for decorations and take home gifts ... I say foolishly because on the day I still had three to make before the party started! Nothing like a bit of crocheting stress!
I'm going to have to make more of these... I love cacti and love mini things!

We kept the food simple with nachos (and dare I say pizza for those who dont eat Mexican - who doesn't eat Mexcian??). There was jelly and icecream for desserts... not very Mexican! And Sombrero cookies made by Miss 12 (idea from here).

We made a big bowl of punch which was a huge hit.

The girls took some crazy pictures with a few props.

The cake was a last minute idea I found on Pinterest the day of the party (my procrastination really is bad). I had JUST enough fondant with mere tiny scraps left over. She loved it (phew) and a great time was had by all.

I am loving doing themed dinners instead of parties!!!


Jennifer said...

I've been waiting to see these photos! As with all your party themes, everything looks awesome! So colourful and fun! Mexican fiestas are the best. I was craving bean tostadas today so just had to stop at my fave restaurant for one with a side of rice. It was so yum, I could have eaten 3!

P.S. I LOVE those little crochet cacti!

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Looks fantastic - love the idea of themed dinners x

jacksta said...

hehe...Mexican siesta!

Super colourful...looks fun.

Cat said...

This is amazingly amazing Leonie LOVE it !! !! so bright and colourful

Bron said...

What great fun....and what's with crafters and last minute genius and madness....those cacti are so fabulous. xxx

Sima J said...

so cute I love it all .. those cacti's are CUTE!!

Simoney said...

I think Themed Dinners is a GREAT idea!!!
This is WOW amazing... trust you to crochet cactii!!! (AMAZING!!!)
Love the theme, love the colours, love the fact it's simple yet amazing - inspirational party/dinner work here Mrs D.G.

Little Gumnut said...

loving this theme Leonie! It looks amazing and certainly doesn't look last minutey at all!

jennie said...

It all looks so fantastic!!!!
I love the idea of having birthday dinners as they get older! xxJ

TracyP said...

LOVE your themed everythings! You should totally go into the party business!!!
I have a blanket like the one on the table too! My in-laws got it when they went to mexico

Max said...

ah, great work mama! the cake and the crochet cacti are especially outstanding x

Leonie said...

So awesome! Love love all the colours...and that cacti is my fav :)

Stella Rutherford said...

Amazing!! Just amazing x