Friday, August 23, 2013

Loving : The lifting fog

I am loving the fog lifting, metaphorically and literally.

A loooong winter is finally showing glimpses of giving way to Spring.
I am discovering with delight some little gems that have been hiding away in our garden.

A week or two ago, this was the daily in the Waikato
But the sun is starting to smile on us more frequently and it's starting to warm up (a little).

The fog of having the worst thyroid levels I have ever had is lifting too. I am finally feeling more awake and an annoying eye twitch has finally abated. Other symptoms (some a bit personal to share and some plain weird) are also starting to pass and I feel more human.
Thyroid levels take some time to come up so I am trying to be patient.

I am loving filling our home with plants
even in a wonky painted pot I made.
Plants are creeping in everywhere

They are popping up everywhere (and there's many many more!).
Plants make me so happy.

Joining in with Meghan


CHD said...

Glad to hear. Although, I hope today's white blanket isn't so bad your way. Cx

Leonie said...

Happy hormones are good! x

TracyP said...

I love you wonky painted pot!!! I was ready to ask where you got it before I read you painted it!!
And YAY for the fog lifting on your health xxxx

Hootnz said...

Yeah I agree with Tracey, I'm digging the pots! and yes the signs of spring....and absolutely good news to hear you're health is better too xx

jennie said...

So so glad that you are starting to feel better. And I love your painted pots - especially that corner unit with all the plants on it.XXXX

jacksta said...

Meghan at MNM's said...

Aah the famous Waikato fog - I remember it all too well. I am so pleased to hear you are on the road to recovery again - bless ya for sharing your journey so openly and honestly lovely lady xx

Sima J said...

LOVE the wonky paint on the pot .. that's what makes it FANTASTIC! Also, I spy the fabulous blue cross again ;-) love xo

Little Gumnut said...

bloggy love to you... glad the symptoms are lifting xx

Sammy said...

So glad the fig is lifting in all areas honey. Remenber to be kind to you, as you are pretty special x

Bron said...

We had a really strange fog morning last week....glad the health fog is lifting too...we had experience with thyroids with our Taylor..tricky little individual indeed. Have a great

Max said...

so glad to hear your feeling a wee bit better lovely, long may it continue until you are 110 per cent bouncing off the walls with energy!

and those pots, speechless, love them. they are the audrey hepburn of the pot world, so stylish!