Saturday, August 17, 2013

Loving : This is the one when I tell you how awesome my husband is

Next week it is 16 years since I met my hubby. 13 1/2 years since we got married.
And I want to tell you my husband deserves an award.

In fact right here, right now I am giving him an award. For being the best husband in the world.

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The past month has been a really tough one in our house.

I got a job, which is a good thing. Really good. However, the same week my health crashed and burned.
I was trying to train in a new job, full time hours and be a Mum the rest of the time with literally no metabolism. The worst thyroid levels I've ever had. Kind of like trying to run through mud.
I will spare you the symptoms.

The timing was really, really rotten.

My hubby was getting up at 5.30am everyday. He worked his full day and then was home in time for the kids. He made dinner (remembering this has to be gluten, dairy and egg free - no takeaways), did homework  with the kids, juggled after school activities and got everyone ready for bed. He did ALL the washing (and he refuses to use a clothes dryer - even in Hamilton!). And then, while I was almost passed out on the couch with exhaustion I had no control over, he did all the dishes and did his contract work until late in the evening.

To say I am grateful is a complete understatement. He is amazing. Because he has done so without complaining and because he has carried our family through this time all on his own.

So I am loving him. An amazing, selfless, patient person (who would hate me gushing on about him).

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TracyP said...

The husband is only as amazing as the wife, you deserve him!
I am so happy that you two are together and appreciating each other. Thank goodness for amazing husbands xxxxxx

nz green buttons said...

yay for great husbands! I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been so well xxx I hope things settle down for you soon xxx

Stacia said...

Lovely man! I hope you get your levels sorted out soon and start to feel more human.

Max said...

sounds like you got a good 'un. and him too :0) hope you come right ASAP xxx

Miriam said...

it's an amazing thing to receive so much love so tangibly shown - he loves you x

jennie said...

Oh my gosh. How amazing is he?!!!
So so brilliant to have that support Leonie. I hope you get sorted very very soon, loads of love from us all,XXXX.

(i will email you again tomorrow, i don't think you got my other one!? after our skype)xx

Jennifer said...

What a guy! Not sure what I'd do without mine, either! Hope things are coming right health wise...

Meghan at MNM's said...

Sometimes it's just the right thing to do to publicly acknowledge the awesome other halves in our lives (even if they get a bit embarrassed by it!). Because sometimes they end up doing way more than just their 'half' and it's good that they know how much they're appreciated! Hoping for more smoother sailing for you xx

jacksta said...

Cat said...

What Tracy said xxx

Will give you a great big hug on Sunday xxx

Bron said...

you have totally scored a gem there...that is what true love is...sacrificing for those we